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Polygon Labs Unveils New PoS Testing Toolkit to Enhance Devnet Operations

Polygon Labs' Polygon PoS v1 Testing Toolkit revolutionizes blockchain innovation with advanced deployment, efficient testing, and automated processes, marking a milestone for Web3's future.

  • Nov 08, 2023 11:12
Polygon Labs Unveils New PoS Testing Toolkit to Enhance Devnet Operations

On November 7, 2023, Polygon Labs introduced a groundbreaking Polygon PoS v1 Testing Toolkit, designed to revolutionize devnet management on the Polygon network. The toolkit, which serves to ease the development process, makes the deployment, monitoring, and testing of Polygon Point-of-Service (PoS) devnets simpler. It also contributes to the simplification of the process. It is based on Express-CLI, which is an improved version of Matic-CLI, which it was developed on top of. It intends to do this by hastening the testing and deployment processes for crucial components such as "bor," "erigon," and "heimdall."

The deployment of the toolkit may be greatly customized, providing developers with a solution that can be deployed with a single click and that can be adapted to meet certain needs. Its effective monitoring and testing capabilities are going to make deployment automation and devnet assessment much easier, which will greatly cut down on the amount of time required for development and will encourage innovation.

Express-CLI, which combines infrastructure-as-code with test scripts, is the core component of the toolkit. Its name stands for Command Line Interface. Because of this, software developers are able to carry out a broad range of tasks in an uncomplicated method. It eliminates the need for human testing on Mumbai nodes, which leads in a decrease in both the amount of work that must be done and the number of errors that must be made while also maintaining the validity of the testnet design.

The regression tests provided by the toolkit make it possible to make changes to the versions of the components as well as to carry out complete testing in order to guarantee backward compatibility and stability. Express-CLI's deployment of streamlined devnets is cloud-agnostic, fully automated, and supports both local and remote devnets, as well as testnet and mainnet nodes. Additionally, it supports testnet nodes.

Express-CLI enhances release processes by verifying all tests on a devnet before any testnet deployment, and it is poised to automate further by testing every commit/PR on a permanent devnet.

Polygon Labs invites developers to explore the toolkit on their Github page and stay updated via their blog and social channels, advocating for a joint effort to foster Web3's mass adoption.

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