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Rabbit Inc Introduces AI-Powered r1 Device for Mobile Interaction

Rabbit Inc's r1, an AI-powered mobile device featuring the innovative Large Action Model OS, was showcased at CES 2024, offering a novel approach to mobile interaction and user convenience.

  • Jan 11, 2024 05:30
Rabbit Inc Introduces AI-Powered r1 Device for Mobile Interaction

Rabbit Inc, a Los Angeles-based AI startup, recently unveiled its cutting-edge mobile device, the Rabbit r1, at CES 2024, marking a significant stride in the realm of mobile technology. The r1, priced at $199 and available for pre-order, is poised to redefine our interactions with digital devices through its innovative features and user-centric design​​​​.

At the heart of the Rabbit r1 is the Large Action Model (LAM), a groundbreaking operating system that transcends the traditional app-based interfaces. LAM, distinct from the generative AI models like ChatGPT, is adept at understanding and acting upon human intentions, facilitating tasks like booking tickets or ordering groceries without requiring specific app integrations. This marks a departure from the conventional approach of downloading and navigating through multiple apps, offering a more streamlined and intuitive user experience​​.

The r1 device itself is a testament to Rabbit Inc's commitment to innovation and user convenience. Unlike typical smart devices that rely on smartphones for operation, the r1 functions as a fully standalone device with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. It features a 2.3 GHz MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4 GB of memory, 128 GB of storage, and a USB-C port. Moreover, it is equipped with an empty, factory-unlocked SIM card slot, ensuring versatility in connectivity. The battery life of the r1, designed for all-day usage, aligns with the device's promise of convenience and efficiency​​.

Rabbit's dedication to privacy and security is evident in its technology. The company ensures that no user credentials for third-party services are stored, with all authentication processes occurring within the respective service's login systems. This approach grants users full control over their data and interactions with rabbit OS. Additionally, rabbit's data infrastructure adheres to major industry standards, ensuring robust security and encryption​​.

The r1's design and development are backed by a team of experts, including Kaggle Grandmasters and former Google engineers. Jesse Lyu, the Founder and CEO of Rabbit Inc and a two-time Y Combinator alumnus, brings his experience from founding Raven Tech, a startup that pioneered conversational AI operating systems and was later acquired by Baidu. This team's expertise underpins the r1's advanced capabilities and potential for revolutionizing human-computer interactions​​​​.

Rabbit Inc's vision for the r1 extends beyond just a novel gadget; it aims to fundamentally alter how we engage with technology. By providing an intuitive and efficient operating system that anticipates and acts on user intentions, rabbit plans to enhance our daily digital interactions significantly. With the additional $10 million raised in Series A funding, the company is poised to further refine its hardware and operating system, potentially setting a new standard in AI-powered mobile technology​​.

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