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Ripple on the Brink of Decisive Win as SEC Legal Battle Nears End

Ripple is expected to win a legal battle with the SEC, potentially settling $20 million or less. This victory is expected due to legal perspectives and the recent Second Circuit Court ruling, impacting digital currency regulation.

  • Nov 06, 2023 08:40
Ripple on the Brink of Decisive Win as SEC Legal Battle Nears End

In the continuing saga of Ripple versus the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), recent developments suggest a leaning in favor of Ripple, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space. Legal experts and community stakeholders are weighing in on the potential outcomes and implications of the case. John Deaton, a leading cryptocurrency attorney, has offered his insight, framing the situation as a significant victory for Ripple, should the case settle for $20 million or less.

Deaton’s comments came in response to general opinions mistaking the case’s conclusion for a balanced verdict between Ripple and the SEC. Instead, Deaton affirms a 90/10 advantage in favor of Ripple, negating the previously held 50/50 assumption. These remarks align with Ripple's Chief Legal Officer Stuart Alderoty's note on yet another legal setback for the SEC, referencing the outcome of the SEC vs. Govil case. The Second Circuit Court’s ruling against the SEC’s ability to seek large disgorgement orders without showing actual financial harm to investors strengthens Ripple's stance. The community has echoed this sentiment, with figures like Wayne Vaughan and Crypto Adviser voicing their perspectives on Twitter, pointing towards a skewed settlement that favors Ripple and criticizing the SEC’s approach to investor protection.

The case, initially launched by the SEC in December 2020, accused Ripple Labs of conducting an unregistered securities offering via XRP sales. This development underscored the growing scrutiny around digital currencies and the SEC's role in regulating them. The recent approval by Judge Torres of a joint request from the SEC and Ripple to establish a briefing schedule on institutional XRP sales further indicates a progression towards a conclusion. This request, linked to allegations of Rule 10b-5 violations by Ripple, sets a stage for both parties to present a comprehensive briefing schedule by November 9.

As the Ripple vs. SEC case evolves, the implications for the regulatory framework governing digital currencies remain significant. The legal fraternity and crypto community are closely monitoring the unfolding events, with the consensus tilting towards a favorable lean for Ripple. The final resolution of this case could set a precedent for future securities offerings and regulatory actions within the crypto space.

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