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Shiba Inu ShibArmy Rallies Community Amidst 30% SHIB Price Drop and Shibaswap Delay

Shib Army acknowledges the current crypto market frustration and the bearish month of September, emphasizing the importance of crediting the Shibarium project and the #SHIBARMY community for their support and unity, encouraging positivity and resilience.

  • Sep 04, 2023 07:07
Shiba Inu ShibArmy Rallies Community Amidst 30% SHIB Price Drop and Shibaswap Delay

#SHIBARMY, is demonstrating resilience and unity in the face of a challenging market environment. A tweet from the official Shib Army, @theshibdream, emphasized the community's strength as the SHIB token experienced a 31.69% price drop from its August 12, 2023, high of $0.00001136 to its current value of $0.00000776.

Community Strength in Focus

The real backbone of this whole operation, you, the #SHIBARMY. The community you've built here? It's incredible!

stated @theshibdream today, on September 4, 2023. The tweet highlighted the community's role in spreading updates, answering questions, and assisting newcomers. 

That sense of unity and strength makes me even more optimistic about what we're setting up for,

the tweet added. The community has been a beacon of positivity, even as the market shows bearish signs.

Market Context and Price Drop

The broader crypto market has been in a bearish state, affecting various tokens including Shiba Inu.

Have you seen the state of the crypto world lately? It's not just us feeling the heat—this is a market that sucks right now!

added @theshibdream. The tweet acknowledged the bearish trend that historically characterizes September in the crypto market. The 31.69% price drop in SHIB during Shibarium Summer has been a point of concern but also a rallying cry for the community to stay strong and united.

Shibarium and Technical Milestones

Shibarium, the Layer 2 solution for Shiba Inu, has successfully gone live, a milestone that was also acknowledged by @theshibdream. Additional technical developments were highlighted by another community spokesperson, @kuro_9696_9696, who tweeted on September 3, 2023, that $WBone is complete and that verified contracts are done.

Renouncing the contract is next as well as increasing Validator nodes. It's a process,

@kuro_9696_9696 added. The tweet also mentioned that the delay in launching Shibaswap is to give room for other tokens and projects that have been building on Shibarium.

Looking Ahead

Despite the challenging market conditions, the Shiba Inu community remains optimistic. 

When the market turns bullish, and it's gonna happen, this community is going to rocket like you wouldn't believe,

concluded @theshibdream. The community is not just waiting for market conditions to improve; they are actively participating in the ecosystem's development, a sentiment echoed by both @theshibdream and @kuro_9696_9696.

As the Shiba Inu community navigates these turbulent times, the focus remains on long-term development and the strength of its community.

Our time to shine is just around the corner,

the tweet from @theshibdream affirmed.

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