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Sotheby Alters Art Sale, Novice Player Makes Staggering Profit

Luisa Crawford Apr 17, 2023 08:13

Sotheby's has announced a new digital art sale, "Glitch: Beyond Binary," with a focus on diversity after criticism. Meanwhile, a newcomer to the game Illuvium: Beyond has made a huge profit by finding a rare character.

Sotheby Alters Art Sale, Novice Player Makes Staggering Profit

In response to community feedback regarding a lack of diversity, Sotheby’s has announced that its upcoming digital art sale, "Glitch: Beyond Binary," will place a focus on inclusivity. This comes after criticism of last month’s "Natively Digital: Glitch-ism" auction, which was temporarily paused due to the lack of diversity. Sotheby’s emphasizes that the sale will represent people from all backgrounds and identities, stating that it is committed to highlighting the diverse artist communities that make up Glitch Art.

On the other hand, a newcomer to the online game Illuvium: Beyond has made a staggering profit by finding the rarest character yet, the "Holo Blazing Rhamphyre." The player found the character in a "D1SK," a type of digital loot box containing random characters and accessories. The player purchased the loot box for only $32 and sold the character for $49,128.85, netting a profit of approximately 140,525%.

In other NFT news, the Ukrainian President has signed the country's first NFT, a collection called "UACatsDivision," featuring cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with all funds donated to the Ukrainian military services. At the time of writing, 3,026 NFT cats had already been purchased out of the 10,000 available.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin miners have made over $5 million from creating NFT inscriptions using the Ordinals protocol, according to Dune Analytics data. Transaction fees for Ordinals transactions exploded from $1.5 million on March 10 to $5.2 million by April 12. Nearly 1.1 million Ordinals had been inscribed on the Bitcoin network, consisting mainly of jpeg images and text but also PDFs, video, and audio formats.

However, an NFT collector made a costly mistake by bidding 100 Ether (ETH), worth around $192,000 at the time of writing, for an NFT from the Gemesis NFT collection, which was intended to be free to celebrate the launch of OpenSea Pro. Some community members believe the transaction was a wash trade, while others argue that the trader simply made a mistake bidding 100 ETH instead of $100. However, another community member argued against theories that it was a wash trade since it was too risky.

Overall, the world of NFTs continues to grow and evolve, with new developments and opportunities for profit emerging regularly.

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