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SSV Network Unveils Jato-V2 Testnet

SSV.Network introduces Jato-V2, a new testnet ending Jato-V1, enhancing modularity, scalability, gas efficiency, and supporting Miner Extractable Value opportunities, with a 30% increase in duty execution.

  • Sep 05, 2023 09:27
SSV Network Unveils Jato-V2 Testnet

SSV.Network ($SSV), a decentralized staking protocol, announced the public launch of its new testnet, Jato-V2, on September 4. The new testnet is identical to the version currently running on the mainnet, offering a realistic testing environment for users and developers. The launch also marks the beginning of the end for Jato-V1, which is slated for shutdown on September 18.

Starting September 4, Jato-V2 is open to the public and will run concurrently with the mainnet. Users have a two-week migration period to transition from Jato-V1 to Jato-V2. The testnet has transitioned to an ERC-2535 Diamond Standard, enhancing modularity, scalability, and gas efficiency. The SSV Node now fully supports Miner Extractable Value (MEV), allowing validators to participate in MEV opportunities. The new version allows operators to display more granular information, including geographic location and MEV relays. Optimizations have led to a 30% increase in duty execution.

For existing users, the migration process involves removing validators from the Jato-V1 network and registering them on Jato-V2. New users can directly register on the Jato-V2 testnet. Developers and operators should note that new versions of developer tools and the SDK have been released.

The launch of Jato-V2 is a significant milestone as SSV.Network transitions to its Launch phase, with a Permissionless Launch expected later in Q4. The testnet will play a crucial role in the protocol's development, especially as it becomes the first DVT network to be tested at scale on mainnet Ethereum.

During the migration period, Jato-V2 will operate under a distinct URL, After the shutdown of Jato-V1, the URL will revert to 

SSV Network ($SSV) has announced that its Discord channel, which was compromised earlier today, as reported by Blockchain.News was then "back to normal and under control."

The launch of Jato-V2 marks a pivotal moment for SSV.Network, offering a robust testing environment as the protocol gears up for its next phase. With the shutdown of Jato-V1 imminent, users and developers have a limited window to transition, making it imperative to act swiftly.

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