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Sui Donates $1M to London Business School for Web3 Research

Sui, a leading blockchain platform, has donated $1 million to London Business School for Web3 research and education, aiming to prepare future technology and business leaders.

  • Nov 10, 2023 07:32
Sui Donates $1M to London Business School for Web3 Research

Sui has announced a significant donation of $1 million to the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at London Business School (LBS). This contribution is earmarked for advancing research and educational programs in the rapidly evolving field of decentralized computing, signifying a major step in preparing future leaders for the challenges of the digital economy.

Sui is a groundbreaking Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform, uniquely designed for efficient digital asset ownership. Its innovative approach, based on the Move programming language, allows for parallel execution, rapid finality, and enhanced on-chain assets. Sui's scalable architecture supports a wide array of applications, offering speed and affordability. 

Bridging Academia and Blockchain Technology

At the helm of this initiative is Dr. Greg Siourounis, a key figure in the Sui Foundation. With a rich background that blends academic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Siourounis, an alumnus of LBS with a Ph.D., has spent over two decades in academia and finance. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at Panteion University in Athens, Greece, and plays a crucial role in expanding the Sui Network and its community.

Dr. Siourounis emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, "As we prepare the next wave of business and technology leaders, it's critical to equip them with cutting-edge technological solutions. Sui's endowment to LBS is a strategic move to empower young leaders with the necessary tools for implementing global positive change."

The Core of Sui's Contribution

The funds from Sui will be instrumental in developing new research initiatives, educational programs, and outreach activities at LBS, particularly in areas intersecting business and blockchain technology. Key focus areas include fintech, automation, payment systems, and blockchain technology, aiming to provide comprehensive guidance and support as LBS and the Wheeler Institute expand their technological and developmental research and teaching.

François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of LBS, highlighted the significance of Sui's contribution, noting, "Gifts like Sui Foundation's are pivotal for our school. They not only fund research but also empower future leaders to tackle global challenges innovatively."

Sui's Global Educational Initiatives

In addition to the LBS donation, the Sui Foundation has been active in promoting academic research in blockchain technology globally. This week, they announced the first recipients of the Sui Academic Research Awards (SARAs), distributing $225,000 in grants to nine universities worldwide. Furthermore, Sui has partnered with Costeas-Geitonas School in Greece to launch a new Web3 curriculum for high school students, titled “Blockchain and Business Innovation.”

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