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Taiko (TAI) Unveils Raiko: A Multi-Prover Revolutionizing ZK-Proof Systems

Iris Coleman Jun 14, 2024 04:40

Taiko introduces Raiko, a multi-prover for Ethereum and zkVM targets, enhancing security and efficiency.

Taiko (TAI) Unveils Raiko: A Multi-Prover Revolutionizing ZK-Proof Systems

Taiko, a prominent player in the blockchain space, has announced the launch of Raiko, a multi-prover designed to revolutionize the proving systems for Ethereum and zkVM targets. According to Taiko blog, Raiko is an integrated environment that builds, runs, and benchmarks zkVM targets, supporting Sp1, Risc0, and SGX, with plans to integrate Jolt, Powdr, and Amazon Nitro.

Advancing Multi-Proofs in ZK

Taiko has been a pioneer in decentralizing proof supply chains. Multi-proofs in ZK translate to multi-clients compiled with multi-SNARKS, laying the groundwork for SNARKed client diversity in future Ethereum L1. The multi-proofs approach mitigates risks associated with bugs and vulnerabilities in client implementation and proving systems. Even if one proof is compromised, others remain secure, ensuring robustness.

Innovations in ZK Toolchains and Cross-Platform Targets

ZK toolchains are rapidly evolving, though managing them remains complex. Taiko has reformed the building pipeline of RiscZero and Succinct to accommodate most Riscv32 targets in emerging zkVMs. The Raiko-generalized build pipeline for zkVM guests simplifies integration across platforms.

Custom Test Framework

Taiko has implemented a custom test framework that injects #[test] functions into the program entrypoint, allowing users to compile test, lib, and bin executables mirroring $cargo test or $cargo build --/ [].

Dynamic Hooks in REVM

Precompile patches in zkVMs for circuit optimization have been replaced by dynamic hooks in REVM, eliminating dependency hazards in REVM forks. These isolated hook functions simplify unit tests and benchmarks when combined with Taiko's build pipeline.

Leveraging SGX for Enhanced Security and Fast Finality

SGX: A Reliable Guardian

SGX, despite its controversies, is a reliable guardian for fast finality, especially in rollups. Challenges in SGX setup include supporting different CPUs from cloud providers, optimizing gas costs in verification, and remote attestation. Taiko uses Gramine OS to wrap the guest in a trusted enclave and provides easy-to-use Docker and Kubernetes configurations for SGX-enabled CPUs.

Standardizing Prover's Input

To streamline block processing, Taiko has built a host tailored for proof use cases, standardizing prover's input for all zkVM/TEE guests. This involves gathering minimal information for state transition and generating state proofs (account and storage) that validate such input.

Future Plans

Taiko aims to build the most user-friendly, integrated facility for EVM-compatible block proving. Future plans include integrating more Riscv32 zkVMs, extending the pipeline for Wasm zkVMs, adding direct data retrieval from Reth to skip RPC overhead, and modularizing the architecture to integrate other EVM L2 block proofs.

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