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Trezor Strengthens Security Measures Amid Phishing Concerns

Trezor recently faced a security breach in its third-party support ticketing portal, potentially affecting 66,000 users. While user funds and device security remain secure, the incident raises concerns over increased phishing risks.

  • Jan 22, 2024 09:30
Trezor Strengthens Security Measures Amid Phishing Concerns

Trezor, a renowned cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer, recently faced a significant security breach. This breach, detected on January 17, 2024, potentially exposed the contact details of approximately 66,000 users. The unauthorized access occurred in Trezor's third-party support ticketing portal, posing a serious risk of phishing attacks to the affected users.

Breach Discovery and Impact

The incident came to light when Trezor's internal systems identified unauthorized access in their third-party support ticketing system. This breach potentially compromised the email addresses and names of users who have been in contact with Trezor's support team since December 2021. Despite the severity of the data breach, Trezor has confirmed that users' funds and device security remain unaffected.

Response to the Breach

In response to the breach, Trezor acted swiftly to revoke the intruder's access and ensure the breach was contained at the third-party service provider level. The company has been transparent with its users, notifying the 66,000 potentially affected customers and providing guidance on how to protect themselves from phishing attempts. Trezor has reassured its customers that their digital assets have not been compromised and emphasized the continued security of their devices and funds.

Phishing Threat and User Guidance

The breach has significantly increased the risk of phishing attacks. Trezor has proactively informed users about these risks, advising them to be wary of unsolicited communications and never to share their recovery phrases with anyone. The company has also highlighted its commitment to continuous communication and transparency with its user base.

Past Incidents and Ongoing Vigilance

This is not the first time Trezor has faced security challenges. The company has a history of dealing with phishing attacks and counterfeit hardware issues. In response to these ongoing threats, Trezor places a strong emphasis on user education and vigilance to safeguard against similar incidents in the future.


The recent security breach at Trezor underscores the persistent threats in the digital asset space. Trezor's quick and transparent response demonstrates their dedication to user security and serves as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in the cryptocurrency industry.

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