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Trump Launches Limited Edition Digital Trading Cards on Bitcoin Ordinals

Donald Trump's latest NFT collection, minted as Bitcoin Ordinals, brings a unique collectible aspect to the digital trading card market. This integration into the Bitcoin blockchain ensures longevity and immutability, enhancing the value of these limited-edition collectibles.

  • Jan 22, 2024 05:10
Trump Launches Limited Edition Digital Trading Cards on Bitcoin Ordinals

The world of digital collectibles is witnessing an important development with the introduction of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest NFT collection, minted as Bitcoin Ordinals. This move marks a significant shift in the NFT space, leveraging the robustness and longevity of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Trump's Foray into Bitcoin Ordinals

Donald Trump has consistently expanded his presence in the digital collectible market, releasing several NFT collections since late 2022. These collections were initially operated on the Polygon blockchain. However, in a bold crossover, Trump's latest Mugshot Edition Collection has now been integrated into the Bitcoin blockchain, offering a "one-of-one Bitcoin Ordinal digital trading card" as a rare digital collectible.

This integration into Bitcoin provides unique advantages over other platforms, particularly in terms of scarcity and longevity. Ordinals inscribe data like images and text directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, embedding collectible content at the protocol level, unlike other NFTs, which typically contain a link to a digital art file hosted on a conventional web server. This ensures the immutability and accessibility of the data.

The Mugshot Edition Collection

The Mugshot Edition Collection, limited to only 200 Bitcoin Ordinal cards, features a unique promotion. Out of these, 101 will be allocated as part of the promotional offer, while the remaining 99 are available for purchase. To qualify for a Mugshot Edition Bitcoin Ordinals card, collectors must purchase 100 Mugshot Edition NFTs using wrapped ETH, at a total cost of $9,900.

This collection showcases Trump’s life and career, with the mugshot NFTs, priced at $99 each, reflecting personal moments. Buyers purchasing 47 or more cards will have opportunities such as attending a dinner with Trump and receiving a piece of the suit worn during his arrest, with some NFTs potentially bearing Trump’s signature.

Economic Implications and Collector Interest

Despite their high price, these digital trading cards have attracted significant interest. Revenue from the new collection, channeled through a licensing deal with Trump-owned CIC Digital, contributes to Trump's finances. The original collection's trading volume peaked at over 200,000 ETH in February 2023. However, these new Mugshot Edition NFTs are non-transferable until the end of 2024, emphasizing their nature as collectibles rather than investment vehicles.


Donald Trump's venture into Bitcoin Ordinals with his digital trading cards represents a novel intersection of celebrity, politics, and blockchain technology. This move not only taps into the collector psychology but also opens new pathways for digital collectibles in popular culture. As virtual assets continue to find unique applications, the integration of diverse blockchain technologies like Bitcoin Ordinals heralds an era of creative and enduring digital collectibles.

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