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UPS and HerdX Deliver Blockchain Verified Beef

Godfrey Benjamin Jun 18, 2020 06:00

With the successful shipment and verification of beef products within Texas, HerdX and UPS are setting a pace in the use of blockchain for global supply chain

UPS and HerdX Deliver Blockchain Verified Beef

Applications for blockchain technology just took a new leap as UPS and HerdX jointly delivered beef products using a blockchain-based supply chain system.


The use case of blockchain is notably pronounced in the financial services sector as well as tech-based systems. Integrating the game-changing technology to beef production and its supply chain opens doors to new greater milestones. This blockchain verified beef shipment was showcased by UPS and HerdX.



HerdX beef supply model


HerdX is a provider of agricultural technology and data solutions designed to track and manage herd animals and deliver verified product data to retailers. As a technologically driven agro service company, HerdX began integrating blockchain technology for use in product delivery and the global supply chain.


The beef shipment started at Dean and Peeler Premium Beef in South Texas and shipped via UPS to an event held at The Richter Tavern in Boerne, Texas. Upon delivery, guests present at the show were able to obtain information about the products by scanning the QR Code attached to the beef.


Jeff McCostin, UPS President Global Customs Brokerage & North America Supply Chain Solutions said:

"Seeing the integration of the domestic UPS shipment with HerdX's blockchain technology in action, here in a local Texas restaurant, puts in perspective the need for this solution in supply chains across the globe. With sustainability and food safety as important differentiators, this is the future companies will choose in their supply chains." 

The future of the global supply chain


With HerdX supply chain framework, as well as other pro-blockchain startups researching blockchain use cases in supply chain networks, can help improve the global supply chain. The collaboration between HerdX and UPS predates 2020.


The duo successfully used a blockchain verification system to ship beef products from the United States to Japan in 2019. With the proven reliance on blockchain as evidenced by HerdX and UPS trials, blockchain can be used to revolutionize the global supply chain.


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