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Web3 users can now register .eth domains with fiat options

ENS has launched a fiat on-ramp for .eth domain registrations through MoonPay, allowing Web3 users to pay with fiat options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay instead of only Ether. ENS has also upgraded its platform to streamline sign-ups and expand its usability for hosting censorship-resistant websites.

  • Apr 22, 2023 08:22
Web3 users can now register .eth domains with fiat options

Web3 users can now register decentralized .eth domains on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) protocol using a host of fiat payment options, thanks to a new partnership with MoonPay. The ENS protocol previously only allowed domain registrations through cryptocurrency wallets with Ether (ETH), which was cited as a barrier to entry for prospective Web3 users.

The ENS protocol has launched a new fiat on-ramp for domain registrations through MoonPay on April 20, integrating MoonPay's service into the ENS website. This will allow users to purchase .eth domains using fiat options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, as well as debit and credit cards.

In addition to the new payment options, ENS has also launched version 3 of its user interface to streamline sign-ups. This will eliminate the need for multiple transaction approvals previously required with cryptocurrency wallets, making the registration process more user-friendly for new and less experienced users.

According to Brantly Millegan, the ENS lead:

“This allows us to reach those who are either just entering the space or who are not yet comfortable with transacting and would prefer to use the currency and payment form they understand best.”

This is a significant step forward for the ENS protocol and the Web3 ecosystem as a whole, as it removes a major barrier to entry for prospective users who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with cryptocurrency wallets and Ether.

The upgraded ENS platform is also aimed at expanding its usability beyond its primary use-case of creating human-readable names for wallets to replace numerical addresses typically generated by wallet service providers, platforms, and blockchain protocols.

With the ability to use names to host censorship-resistant websites, ENS has positioned itself as a key player in the fight for decentralization and freedom of speech on the internet. This will allow ENS users to link their .eth domains to conventional domain name service (DNS) addresses already in use, ensuring that their websites remain accessible even in the face of censorship attempts.

Overall, the integration of MoonPay's fiat payment gateway and the upgrade of the ENS user interface mark a significant milestone in the development of the Web3 ecosystem, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a wider audience. With the ability to use fiat options for domain registrations and host censorship-resistant websites, the ENS protocol is set to become a key infrastructure for the decentralized internet of the future.

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