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Wemade Introduces Etherscan-Developed 'WEMIX Scan'

South Korea-based Wemade has launched WEMIX Scan, a block explorer for WEMIX3.0 Mainnet and testnet, in collaboration with Etherscan. It provides transaction methods, USD value, top 25 NCP data, and gas fees.

  • Sep 08, 2023 05:05
Wemade Introduces Etherscan-Developed 'WEMIX Scan'

Wemade, a South Korea-based blockchain developer, has announced the launch of its new block explorer, WEMIX Scan, designed for the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet and testnet. This development is part of the company's broader efforts in the blockchain space.

The block explorer is a result of Wemade's collaboration with Etherscan, known for its expertise in blockchain data services. The partnership, initiated in May, also includes plans for a block explorer for the Ethereum layer 2 project 'Kroma'. The release timeline for the Kroma block explorer remains unspecified.

WEMIX Scan, in its design and functionality, aligns with the standards observed in block explorers of major global blockchains. It offers users access to various data points, including transaction methods, total USD value, top 25 NCP data, and gas fees from tokens listed on platforms such as CMC/CoinGecko.

The introduction of WEMIX Scan took place during Korea Blockchain Week on September 5, 2023. Wemade participated as a sponsor for the IMPACT conference, a segment of the event.

Etherscan, primarily recognized for its Ethereum block explorer, has a track record of developing block explorers for various mainnets and testnets, including Bscscan and Polygonscan.

Wemade's endeavors in the blockchain domain extend beyond just development. With the gaming industry showing increased interest in blockchain technology, Wemade is exploring avenues to integrate these technologies. 

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