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World's Largest Law Firm Dentons to Launch fleetAI, Proprietary Version of ChatGPT

World's largest law firm Dentons will launch fleetAI, a proprietary version of ChatGPT, in August 2023, enhancing legal research and document analysis.

  • Aug 04, 2023 09:00
World's Largest Law Firm Dentons to Launch fleetAI, Proprietary Version of ChatGPT

Dentons, the world's largest global law firm, has announced plans to launch a proprietary version of ChatGPT, named "fleetAI," that will enable its lawyers to apply generative artificial intelligence (AI) to active client matters. The announcement was made in London and the tool is set to launch in August 2023.

The system includes a chatbot based on OpenAI's GPT-4 Large Language Model, allowing lawyers to conduct legal research, generate legal content, and identify relevant legal arguments. A second bot within fleetAI will enable the uploading of multiple legal documents for key data extraction, including clauses and obligations, for analysis and querying.

Dentons has collaborated with Microsoft to ensure that all data uploaded into fleetAI is not used to train the model, cannot be accessed by anyone outside of Dentons, and is erased after 30 days. Following the August 2023 launch, there will be a 6-week beta testing period, after which practice group leaders will review feedback and produce practice-specific usage guidance.

Future versions of fleetAI are already in development, including integration with Dentons' existing legal robots that automate data extraction from Companies House and analyze clients' employment tribunal claims to predict future outcomes. Other instances under development include a knowledge chatbot and a Business Services chatbot for internal policies.

Paul Jarvis, UK, Ireland, and Middle East CEO of Dentons, emphasized the transformative potential of the tool, stating, "The ability to upload and analyse client matter documents at speed and in a secure manner is the real game-changer - we believe Dentons will be the first law firm that has the technology to systematically incorporate generative AI into our day-to-day matter workflows." He further added, "The use cases for fleetAI have been identified and tested with clients during the development phase and we are confident this is going to fundamentally transform the way we deliver services to them."

The launch of fleetAI represents a significant step in the integration of AI into the legal industry, particularly in the area of document analysis and legal research. With the collaboration of Microsoft and a focus on security and client-specific needs, Dentons is positioning itself at the forefront of technological innovation within the legal sector. The firm's commitment to a portfolio approach, including the trial of third-party products, further underscores its dedication to leveraging technology to enhance legal services.

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