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Xbox Teams with Inworld AI for Game Dev AI Tools

Xbox and Inworld AI have partnered to develop AI tools for dialogue and narrative creation, aiming to empower creators in the gaming industry.

  • Nov 08, 2023 07:13
Xbox Teams with Inworld AI for Game Dev AI Tools

Xbox and Inworld AI have announced a multi-year alliance aimed at infusing game development with the transformative capabilities of Generative AI. This partnership promises to arm game creators with cutting-edge tools to design intricate narratives and dialogues, catalyzing a new era of interactive gaming experiences.

Unveiled by Haiyan Zhang, General Manager of Gaming AI at Xbox, on November 6, 2023, the collaboration is a strategic move towards leveraging the advanced capabilities of AI, specifically AI Large Language Models like OpenAI's GPT, which powers both ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Reflecting on the journey from rudimentary AI in classics such as Ms. Pac-Man to today's sophisticated AI-driven environments, Zhang underscored the boundless possibilities AI brings to game development.

The partnership is poised to harness Inworld AI's specialized knowledge in generating AI models for character development and Microsoft's avant-garde cloud-based AI offerings, such as the Azure OpenAI Service. It also draws on the profound insights of Microsoft Research and the innovative prowess of Team Xbox, aiming to revolutionize game development tools that are both accessible and ethically responsible.

Central to this alliance are two pivotal tools designed to bolster the creative process for game designers:

An AI Design Copilot: This innovative aid serves as a creative catalyst, enabling game designers to translate initial prompts into fully-fledged scripts, dialogue trees, quests, and more. It's a tool that promises to widen the horizon for creative storytelling in games.

An AI Character Runtime Engine: Tailored for seamless integration with game clients, this engine is set to breathe life into games by generating on-the-fly narratives, quests, and dialogues, creating a bespoke player experience that evolves with each interaction.

Xbox's vision with this partnership extends beyond technological advancement; it is about cultivating an ecosystem where game development is democratized, ethical AI practices are the norm, and inclusivity is a given. The company aligns with Microsoft's established AI principles and Responsible AI Standard, reinforcing its commitment to conscientious AI development.

The collaboration between Xbox and Inworld AI marks a pivotal step in Xbox's ongoing mission to empower game creators. It's a commitment to innovation that seeks to simplify complexities in game development, enhance player immersion, and provide developers with the means to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

As Xbox continues to integrate AI into the fabric of game design, the industry watches with anticipation for the next breakthroughs that will emerge from this exciting partnership.

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