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Yuga Labs Teases 'Otherside' as its Potential Next Project

Godfrey Benjamin Mar 21, 2022 03:35

Yuga Labs has teased its next project called Otherside which is billed to be launched in April.

Yuga Labs Teases 'Otherside' as its Potential Next Project

For anyone that has been following the events in the digital currency ecosystem very well, Yuga Labs will be a prominent name that can be reckoned with.

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This is partly for being the brains behind the most prestigious Non-fungible Token (NFT) collections in the ecosystem, including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks.

While the Yuga Labs names might not have been resounding enough, the Bored Ape brand must have been. Last week, the team also floated the ApeCoin (APE) token, which rose to become the best performer as detailed by Blockchain.News. While many might have applauded Yuga Labs for championing innovations and ecosystem utilities in the digital currency ecosystem, the team has teased another project slated for April.

The project is called ‘Otherside’, and the teaser featured an animated Bored Ape NFT smoking Tobacco in what appears to be a metaverse-themed world. The Bored Ape made connections with other Yuga Labs-backed NFT collections housed in what looks like a spaceship. Besides the intriguing teaser, no additional detail was shared that can hint at what the Otherside is likely to look like.

With the reputation that Yuga Labs has earmarked for itself in the NFT world, everyone, as gleaned on Twitter following the announcement, is fastening their seatbelt to become an early participant in the project. It is known that the NFTs from Yuga Labs have enriched a lot of people, and the team has continued to expand its influence in the emerging Web3.0 and metaverse worlds by acquiring the IP rights to the CryptoPunks and Meebits collections.

Whatever plan Yuga Labs may seek to show forth with the Otherside, it has no detailed plans to be exclusive to holders of its collections, the way the ApeCoin token was airdropped to holders of BAYC. This flexibility will make the Otherside even a more competitive project to participate in when the product is fully unravelled.

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