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5 Places to Learn About Crypto Investing
While there is certainly an aspect of the ‘gold rush’ mentality to the current crypto buzz and surging market caps, it is undeniable that we have passed a legitimate turning point in the history of this revolutionary technology and asset class.

Resonate Partners with, Rendering a Decentralized AI-Powered Social Media Experience
To offer users a personal AI-powered, decentralized, and trusted social media experience, Resonate, a decentralized social NFT platform, is leveraging the power of blockchain technology and machine learning provided by Launches Blockchain-based File-Sharing Platform for Data Monetization Management, a machine learning-based blockchain platform, has rolled out an end-to-end encrypted file-sharing platform dubbed DabbaFlow to simplify and accelerate data sharing.

Microsoft Develops Secret AI Chips to Reduce Development Costs
Microsoft has been developing its own AI chips since 2019 to reduce reliance on Nvidia’s GPUs due to rising costs. The project, called “Athena,” is already being tested by Microsoft’s machine-learning staff and OpenAI developers.

Binance Integrates AI Chatbot ChatGPT into Its Education Platform
Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain developer, has integrated the AI chatbot ChatGPT into its education platform, Binance Academy. The new AI-driven tool, known as Binance Sensei, sources answers from Binance Academy's education platform using machine learning to help users answer questions related to Web3. However, the integration of AI in education has sparked concerns about the potential misuse of the technology.

xAI's Grok: Musk's Novel AI Chatbot with Real-Time Insights
Elon Musk's xAI unveiled Grok, an AI chatbot, inspired by 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, providing real-time world knowledge and answering questions with humor, outperforming other models.

Coinbase Rolls Out AI-Driven ERC-20 Scam Token Detection System
Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal unveils Coinbase's ERC-20 Scam Token Detection System, combining smart contract auditing with machine learning to tackle crypto scams. Disclosed on October 6, 2023, this initiative enhances security and trust in token listings on the platform.

OKX Launches AI Integration for Crypto Market Volatility
OKX has partnered with to utilize AI algorithms for real-time analysis of data and trading opportunities, specifically to capture crypto market volatility. This new integration follows the recent announcement of OKX expanding its services to Australia while shutting down operations in Canada.

Google Unveils Batch Calibration to Enhance LLM Performance
Google Research introduces Batch Calibration (BC), a method designed to enhance Large Language Models (LLMs) performance by reducing design decision sensitivities. Unveiled on October 13, 2023, BC significantly improves performance across various tasks, showing promise for more robust LLM applications. It stands out for its zero-shot, self-adaptive nature, and negligible additional computational costs, presenting a notable advancement in the field of machine learning.

Machine Learning Network Shares Vision of Interoperable Blockchains has a vision: to bring machine learning services to every ledger and blockchain.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Market Anticipated to Top $14.88 Billion by 2028
The increasing adoption of product traceability for enhanced transparency in manufacturing processes and the urge for optimized security will make blockchain in the supply chain market surpass $14.88 billion by 2028, according to a report by Research Dive.

China Plans to Thwart Procedural Violations in the Police Force and Courtrooms with Blockchain
China has laid plans to use a new automated system powered by blockchain and other technologies to propel surveillance of its judges and police officers.

Revolut Launches Learn & Earn Program in Partnership with Polkadot
Revolut, a London-based financial technology company that offers banking services, has announced the launch of its flagship ‘Learn & Earn’ education courses.

Arizona State University Offers Blockchain Technology, Enhancing Student’s Academic Journey
Arizona State University (ASU) is going a notch by deploying a blockchain-based technical stack enterprise infrastructure for its students.

Nations Around the World Urged to Learn From China in Fighting Coronavirus Using Blockchain
Different stakeholders are urging other nations to embrace China’s effective model in fighting this pandemic by deploying blockchain technology.

Smart Contract 101: What is the Structure of a Contract?
A better understanding of the Blockchain Structure could help us learn how to create smart contracts efficiently, here is a simple overview as part of our Learn series.

What is DTube? What are the differences between DTube and YouTube? Learn Dtube by comparing it with YouTube.

Uniswap: Everything You Need to Know
Learn about: What Uniswap is, what the core concepts of UniSwap are. In this guide, we explain what's new in Uniswap V2, and the process of swapping tokens.

Blockchain as a Solution for Data Management in Clinical Trials
Applying blockchain technology to clinical trials can help resolve one of the industry's biggest weaknesses: Poor data management. Learn how blockchain's immutability trait can become a trial investigator's best asset.

Ethereum Continues to Grow in Use and Price in 2020, But Why?
If Ethereum can continue to dominate gaming spaces and build on its marketplace, fighting off other platforms in the market, then 2020 could be a significant year for the cryptocurrency. Learn more about why below.

Paxful Ready to Build on its African Market Success in 2020
Global peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplace, Paxful, believes that the world has much to learn from Africa about the future of the crypto-economy and that 2020 will be a landmark year for the African crypto and blockchain industry.

Top Tips for New Bitcoin Investors
Investing in Bitcoin can be a complex and daunting process for beginners. That's why you should learn tips for investing in Bitcoin. Although you've heard stories of people making money from Bitcoin investments, you should be careful when starting.

Smart Contract 101: What is Remix?
Solidity 101 Tools for Smart Contracts is a series of tutorials for beginners to learn the easiest way to build smart contracts. In this lesson we will use the online tool - Remix.

Cisco Partners with SingularityNET to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain
Tech conglomerate Cisco and decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET have reached a partnership to develop a decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) project. The ambitious project aims to create more advanced AI technologies that will soon be able to exceed human abilities to learn and perform new tasks.

FinTech in Belt and Road - the UK FinTech Bridge
In the second round of our interviews at the Belt and Road Summit 2019 in Hong Kong, Blockchain.News gained further insights from European representatives Germany, as well as soon to be European exiters—the UK to learn more about their countries’ latest developments related to the Belt and Road Initiative.