What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance, DeFi as a concept is to be able to offer almost all the financial services available with legacy and centralized institutions, typically banks, but on the blockchain. Whatever traditional services financial institutions provide can be expected to be offered through DeFi. In short, Defi is blockchain-based financial services that traditional financial services map into, creating new services or derivatives stemming from blockchain's unique features. Although we have had concepts like distributed computing and decentralized computing for decades, DeFi is in fact a new concept and an expansion of the application scope of blockchain as infrastructure.

Cosmos Hub Votes to Reduce ATOM Inflation Rate to 10%
Cosmos Hub proposes reducing ATOM inflation rate from 14% to 10%, lowering annual staking yield from 19% to 13.4%, optimizing security expenses and introducing a liquid staking module.
Exploit of KyberSwap's Concentrated Liquidity Feature Results in $46 Million Loss
KyberSwap suffered a $46 million loss due to a flaw in its smart contract, highlighting vulnerabilities in DeFi smart contracts and the need for improved security protocols.
SushiSwap CEO Proposes New Token Model
SushiSwap's CEO, Jared Grey, is leading a community proposal to revamp the platform's tokenomics, aiming to improve reward efficiency, recalibrate incentives, and diversify revenue streams.
Australian Taxation Office Clarifies CGT on DeFi and Crypto Wrapping
The Australian Taxation Office has issued guidelines on the capital gains tax implications for decentralized finance activities and crypto token wrapping, following a recent security breach.
DeFi Platform Raft Compromised, Loses $3.3 Million in Ether
Raft DeFi platform hacked, loses $3.3M in ETH. Attacker burns most stolen ETH, faces net loss.
Uniswap's Front-End Fees Surpass $1 Million
Uniswap's front-end fees exceed $1 million in 24 days, contributing 17.4% to its total fees, with an estimated annual revenue of $15.2 million.
Starknet Foundation Establishes DeFi Committee to Boost Ecosystem
Starknet Foundation has launched a DeFi Committee to bolster its DeFi ecosystem. Chaired by six experts, the committee will strategize and implement an on-chain liquidity incentive program, marking a strategic move for Starknet in the DeFi space.
Curve Founder Proposes Venus Protocol Deployment on Ethereum Mainnet
Michael Egorov of Curve Finance proposes launching Venus Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet, incorporating Curve's stablecoin crvUSD and CRV as collaterals, with community support for growth.
Coin98 Debuts Decentralized App Store on NEAR's Blockchain Operating System
Coin98 has launched a decentralized app store on NEAR's Blockchain Operating System, providing seamless access to top L2 and DeFi protocols for over 7 million users.
Voltage Park's $1 Billion Cloud Infrastructure Targets ML Compute Shortage
Voltage Park, launching on October 29, 2023, introduced a $1 billion cloud infrastructure housing around 24,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, aimed at redressing the ML compute resource crunch. A subsidiary of the Navigation Fund, Voltage Park aspires to democratize ML compute access, thereby catalyzing AI innovation across the spectrum.

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