The availability of assets is determined by the ability for that asset to be converted into cash without dramatically affecting market prices.

Exploit of KyberSwap's Concentrated Liquidity Feature Results in $46 Million Loss
KyberSwap suffered a $46 million loss due to a flaw in its smart contract, highlighting vulnerabilities in DeFi smart contracts and the need for improved security protocols.
SushiSwap CEO Proposes New Token Model
SushiSwap's CEO, Jared Grey, is leading a community proposal to revamp the platform's tokenomics, aiming to improve reward efficiency, recalibrate incentives, and diversify revenue streams.
Australian Taxation Office Clarifies CGT on DeFi and Crypto Wrapping
The Australian Taxation Office has issued guidelines on the capital gains tax implications for decentralized finance activities and crypto token wrapping, following a recent security breach.
Cboe Digital Set to Launch Bitcoin and Ether Futures Trading in January 2024
Cboe Digital, the first US-regulated crypto native exchange, will launch Bitcoin and Ether futures trading, enhancing capital efficiency and market liquidity.
Sushi Launches on Filecoin, Expanding Decentralized Exchange Services
Sushi, a prominent decentralized exchange, is now integrated on Filecoin, enhancing its cross-chain capabilities and launching a special NFT to commemorate the collaboration.
Starknet Foundation Establishes DeFi Committee to Boost Ecosystem
Starknet Foundation has launched a DeFi Committee to bolster its DeFi ecosystem. Chaired by six experts, the committee will strategize and implement an on-chain liquidity incentive program, marking a strategic move for Starknet in the DeFi space.
EBA Opens Consultation on Liquidity Stress Test Guidelines for Crypto Assets
The EBA is requesting input on draft guidelines for liquidity stress tests for crypto assets, aiming to improve market resilience and comply with data protection regulations until February 8, 2024.
Curve Founder Proposes Venus Protocol Deployment on Ethereum Mainnet
Michael Egorov of Curve Finance proposes launching Venus Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet, incorporating Curve's stablecoin crvUSD and CRV as collaterals, with community support for growth.
Uniswap Foundation Announces Grant Recipients for V4 RFPs
The Uniswap Foundation announced the winners of its first round of RFPs for Uniswap V4 on November 1, 2023. The projects include developing a Deposit Liquidity Widget, creating an open-source design package, compiling POC hook developer documentation, and researching malicious hook design space.
DWF Ventures Explores Innovations in Perpetual DEXs Landscape
DWF Ventures delves into perpetual DEXs, emphasizing the blend of decentralization and innovation. The discourse spans from perpetuals' inception in 2016 to notable DEX protocols like dYdX and HyperliquidX advancing the ecosystem. The narrative underscores the continuous innovation and the anticipation for future advancements in the perpetual DEX landscape.

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