The process that results in the release of certain amounts of a particular digital currency into its circulating supply. Mining is often the process that governs the verification of transactions and the addition of blocks to a blockchain.

Coinbase Executives Visit UAE to Explore Potential for Crypto Operations
Coinbase executives, including CEO Brian Armstrong, visited the UAE to explore the potential of the region as a strategic hub for its international operations. The visit coincides with a partnership between Marathon Digital Holdings and Zero Two to create a large-scale immersion Bitcoin-mining facility in Abu Dhabi.
Marathon Digital and Zero Two Partner for Abu Dhabi Bitcoin-Mining Facility
Marathon Digital Holdings and Zero Two have partnered to create a large-scale immersion Bitcoin-mining facility in Abu Dhabi. The joint venture, based in Mina Zayed and Masdar City, will comprise two mining sites with a combined 250-megawatt capacity. Marathon and Zero Two plan to power the facilities with excess energy from Abu Dhabi’s grid.
Block's 5nm Bitcoin Mining Chip Prototype
Block has completed the prototype design for its 5nm Bitcoin mining chip, with plans to decentralize the supply of mining rigs through open-source technology. The company has purchased a large batch of ASIC chips from Intel to fast-track development of its proprietary 3nm chip.
Bhutan Embraces Bitcoin Mining with Green Energy
Bhutan, known for its focus on "Gross National Happiness," has been quietly accumulating and mining Bitcoin with the help of its abundant hydroelectric power. The country is negotiating with Bitdeer to expand its mining operations further.
WEF Promotes Eco-Friendly Crypto Mining Firm Crusoe Energy
The World Economic Forum (WEF) featured a video showcasing Crusoe Energy Systems, a cryptocurrency mining firm that uses waste energy sources to power their modular data centers. Although the video never directly mentions cryptocurrency mining, several crypto industry figures praised Crusoe's efforts in reducing flaring and utilizing stranded energy sources to generate ultra-low-cost computing infrastructure.
Intel to Discontinue Blockscale Bitcoin Mining Chips
Intel plans to cut costs by discontinuing its Blockscale Bitcoin mining chips, with the company stopping orders for the ASICs by Oct. 20 and ending shipping roughly in April 2024. Intel launched the Blockscale mining chips in April 2022 with a hash rate of up to 580 gigahash per second. The move is part of Intel's strategy to prioritize certain chips for outside customers while monitoring market opportunities in the crypto space.
Montana Passes Crypto Miner Rights Bill
Montana’s House of Representatives passed Bill number 178, which seeks to enshrine the rights of crypto miners and prohibit local authorities from obstructing crypto mining operations. The bill now awaits Governor Greg Gianforte’s signature to become law. The legislation establishes a “digital asset mining right,” forbids discriminatory electricity rates charged to crypto miners, and removes the authority of local governments to use zoning laws to impede crypto mining activities.
CleanSpark Buys 45,000 Bitmain Antminer S19 XPs for $144.9 Million
CleanSpark, a crypto miner, has purchased 45,000 Bitmain Antminer S19 XPs for $144.9 million, which will nearly double its current computing power. The first batch of 25,000 rigs will be delivered in August, with the remainder arriving in September, and they will be installed at a site in Sandersville, Georgia. CleanSpark aims to have 16 EH/s of computing power by the end of the year.
BTC Mining Report Draws Criticism
The New York Times’ recent report on Bitcoin mining has been criticized by some BTC proponents for cherry-picking data and overstating the fossil fuel use of BTC miners. They also point out the increasing use of sustainable energy in the sector. Despite the debate on energy consumption, Bitcoin mining remains significant for blockchain security and decentralization.
Sphere 3D Sues Gryphon Digital Mining Over Alleged Spoofing Attack
Sphere 3D has filed a lawsuit against Gryphon Digital Mining over an alleged spoofing attack that resulted in the irregular transfer of Bitcoin. Gryphon's CEO allegedly wired 18 BTC in January to a fraudster posing as Sphere 3D's chief financial officer through a spoofing attack.

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