Tether Implements Wallet-Freezing Policy Aligned with US Regulations
Tether's wallet-freezing policy, in line with US OFAC regulations, is a proactive approach to cybercrime, setting a new standard in the crypto industry.
US Government Removes Cryptocurrency AML Provisions from NDAA
The US government has removed two AML provisions relating to cryptocurrencies from the NDAA, indicating a cautious approach to crypto regulation and raising concerns about future AML measures.
South Korea Intensifies Measures Against Unlicensed Crypto Exchanges
South Korea's financial regulators are urging public disclosure of unlicensed crypto exchanges, as part of their efforts to regulate the digital asset market and safeguard investors.
Circle Formally Refutes Allegations of Illicit Financing and Connections to Justin Sun
Circle denies CfA's allegations of illicit financing and Justin Sun ties, emphasizing regulatory compliance and advocating for stronger stablecoin laws, as clarified by Dante Disparte.
Jump Crypto Enters Confidential Phase in SEC vs. Terraform Labs Case
Jump Crypto has been granted access to confidential documents in the SEC vs. Terraform Labs case, allegedly implicating them in the TerraUSD devaluation and Terra's collapse.
Dubai's VARA Appoints Matthew White as CEO
Dubai's VARA is appointing Matthew White as its new CEO, focusing on regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency space, following a leadership transition.
Coinbase is challenging the U.S. Treasury over the recent tornado cash sanctions
Coinbase is suing the U.S. Treasury for listing Tornado Cash on the SDN List, arguing it violates digital privacy and regulatory authority in the cryptocurrency sector.
Craig S. Wright Explores 'Code is Law' Paradigm in Digital Governance Debate
Dr. Craig Wright's blog post on "Open-Source Development" rekindles debate on "Code is Law" principle, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach balancing code precision with legal considerations.
Taiwanese Singer Chen Lingjiu Implicated in JPEX Cryptocurrency Fraud Case
Taiwanese singer Chen Lingjiu faces fraud case involving JPEX, highlighting potential pitfalls of celebrity endorsements in cryptocurrency investments and the need for robust regulatory measures.
SEC Chair Gensler Open to Lawful Revival of FTX
SEC Chair Gary Gensler emphasizes regulatory standards as FTX considers legal and compliant return, following founder Sam Bankman-Fried's conviction, marking a pivotal moment in crypto regulation.

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