Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is an ever-growing chain of blocks, where blocks are chained together by cryptographic guaranteed hashes. Within every block are the transaction items and other extra information.  It is a combination of a few technologies - cryptography, distributed ledger technology (DLT), Consensus and more.

EPC Blockchain among 16 Startups Selected to Join EY Incubator
Big four accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) has selected 16 early-stage startups to join its EY Foundry Cohort 5 program to propel disruptive solutions in four areas.
Green Bay Fintech Firm Sequoir Developing Crypto Technology to Fill ‘Capability Gap’ for Banks
Sequoir envisions cryptocurrency trades and payments will be done using bank apps.
Fidelity Investments Adds More Than 12,000 New Jobs to Meet Customer Interest in Growing Areas Like Crypto
To address customer demands in growing areas like cryptocurrency and direct indexing, Fidelity Investments has created more than 12,000 job offerings to shape the future of financial services.
Banking Infrastructure Needs Blockchain Technology to Meet Rapid Fintech Enviroment, HashCash CEO Says
With the fintech industry making significant strides within a short time, the banking sector ought to integrate blockchain technology to keep pace with this area, according to HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury.
The Sandbox, FlickPlay Collaborate to Accelerate Interoperability in Metaverse
With the metaverse expected to be worth between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, virtual world gaming platforms The Sandbox and FlickPlay have joined hands to enhance its adoption by offering players a blockchain asset.
DEVITA Goes Live on Polygon for Equitable Healthcare and Speedy Data Transmission
To maximize healthcare operations and processes through the latest innovations in NFT and decentralized identification (DID) technologies, DEVITA has joined the Polygon network.
UNBLOK Provides Incentive-Based App Blockchain Solutions
UNBLOK LLC provides consumers with a revolutionary solution through blockchain technology, allowing users to use the application on their mobile phones without the need to conduct traditional application market research and get rewards.
Samsung Plans to Develop Top-Notch Metaverse Devices to Foster Accessibility
Samsung Electronics has revealed plans to make the metaverse more accessible by developing innovative devices as it sees it as a new business model.
Telecom Giant Airtel Acquires Aqilliz, Transforming Adtech & Creator Economy with Blockchain
The acquisition of Aqilliz will enable Airtel to deploy blockchain-based solutions across its fast-growing digital marketplace, Adtech (Airtel ads), and digital entertainment.
YouTube Sees NFTs as Catalysts, Tieing Deeper Relationships with Users
YouTube sees NFTs as stepping stones towards a stronger connection between creators and viewers, according to Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan.

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