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What is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an AI-powered writing assistant offering features like rewriting, summarizing, answering questions, and generating text. It also bypasses AI detection algorithms. Available as a Chrome extension.

Conch AI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered writing assistant that was launched in the early 2020s. The tool utilizes machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to analyze and understand text-based data, offering a range of features to enhance the writing process.


Conch AI is a comprehensive writing assistant that allows users to rewrite sentences and paragraphs, summarize sources, answer questions, and generate introductions, conclusions, and outlines. It also has a built-in AI detector bypasser, which helps users avoid detection by algorithms like GPTZero and Turnitin. The tool is available as a Chrome extension, making it compatible with platforms like Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, and LinkedIn.


1. Rewriting and Summarizing

Conch AI can rewrite sentences and paragraphs, making it a valuable tool for enhancing written content. It can also summarize sources, helping users to quickly understand the main points of a text.

2. AI Detector Bypasser

Conch AI has a built-in AI detector bypasser that helps users avoid detection by algorithms like ZeroGPT, GPTZero and Turnitin. This feature is particularly useful for academic and research writing where originality of content is paramount.

3. Chrome Extension

Conch AI is available as a Chrome extension, making it compatible with a wide range of platforms including Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, and LinkedIn.

4. Answering Questions

The AI can provide answers to users' questions, assisting with research and information gathering.

5. Generating Introductions, Conclusions, and Outlines

Conch AI can create these essential parts of an essay, streamlining the writing process.


Conch AI offers two pricing plans: a Free plan and a Pro plan. The Free plan allows users to access 3,000 tokens and try out the AI writing assistant without any cost. The Pro plan starts from $3.99 per month or $9.99 per month, depending on the source. The Pro plan offers additional features and benefits, such as 10x faster writing with AI assistance and an AI Bypasser to ensure content remains undetected by AI detection algorithms.


Conch AI has been widely adopted by users seeking to enhance their writing productivity. However, it's important to note that the tool's effectiveness can vary depending on the specific use case and user requirements.


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