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  • Updated:3/3/2024
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Overview of Gencraft

Gencraft is an AI art generator that allows users to create unique images and videos using artificial intelligence. The platform is available online at https://gencraft.com/. Gencraft utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to generate high-quality visual media based on text prompts provided by the user.

Key Features

  • Image generator - Users can generate unique AI art by entering text prompts. Advanced image processing algorithms create images that match the description.
  • Video generator - In addition to still images, Gencraft can also produce short AI-generated videos from text prompts.
  • Customizable - Users can fine-tune the art by providing additional details and directions in the text prompt.
  • Variety of art styles - Gencraft supports generating art in different styles like realism, impressionism, anime, pixel art, and more.
  • High-resolution - Images and videos can be produced in up to 1024x1024 pixels for crisp, detailed results.
  • Intuitive interface - The website has a simple, user-friendly interface for entering prompts and generating art.

How Gencraft's AI Art Generation Works

Gencraft utilizes a deep learning technique called generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create unique images and videos that match text descriptions. The process involves two neural networks called the generator and discriminator.

The generator network is trained on vast datasets of images, videos, and text captions. It learns to associate textual concepts with visual features. The discriminator provides feedback to the generator by trying to determine whether its output is real or artificially generated. These two networks are pitted against each other in an adversarial setup, progressively improving the generator's ability to produce realistic media from text.

When a user provides a text prompt, the trained generator network produces an image that closely matches the description. The process is completely automated by the AI without any human involvement. Gencraft leverages powerful cloud computing resources to generate high-quality results fast.

Text Prompting Guidelines

To create the desired image or video using Gencraft, users need to provide a detailed text description of the required visual elements, style, mood, colors, composition and other aspects. Here are some tips for writing effective prompts:

  • Focus on visual details like objects, scenes, actions, poses, facial expressions rather than abstract concepts.
  • Use descriptive adjectives for colors, lighting, mood, texture, etc.
  • Specify desired art medium or style like painting, anime, pixel art if aiming for a particular aesthetic.
  • Add compositional directives like "cinematic wide angle", "aerial perspective".
  • Exclude irrelevant details and be concise in your description.
  • Provide context for the subject and scene if necessary.
  • Use clear grammar and punctuation to avoid ambiguity.

With practice and experimentation, users can learn to refine their prompts to steer the AI generation more precisely towards the desired visuals.

Image and Video Editing

Besides creating original AI art from scratch, Gencraft also allows editing generated media by providing additional prompt text. For example, a user can get an initial image generated with a broad description, then give more nuanced prompts to modify details like "make the lighting more dramatic", "add a rainbow in the sky", "change the girl's dress to red color". The platform will then update the image to match the new instructions.

This iterative process enables users to incrementally improve and finesse the output to their creative vision. For videos, new prompts can be provided frame-by-frame to edit objects, actions, camera angles and other aspects over the sequence. The ability to iteratively refine the media gives more control over the final result.

Image Output Formats

Gencraft generates images in standard JPEG and PNG formats. PNG is lossless and provides higher quality, while JPEG has more efficient compression. Images can be produced in various resolutions ranging from 256x256 pixels up to 1024x1024 pixels for the best detail and print quality. Other parameters like image size and aspect ratio can also be configured by the user.

The platform also allows downloading transparent PNG files which can be useful for compositing the AI art with other media or background images. Along with the raster image, Gencraft provides an editable vector file in SVG format containing different layers and paths.

Video Output Formats and Length

For videos, Gencraft supports MP4 and MOV as the output formats. Resolution can go up to 1080p HD. The maximum duration allowed is 20 seconds. Longer videos may become available in the future as the technology progresses. In addition to the video file, Gencraft provides an editable After Effects project file containing separate layers, assets, keyframes and other elements used to compose the video.

Licensing of Generated Media

According to Gencraft's terms of service, users have full commercial rights to the AI art they generate, including unlimited use in digital or printed media, merchandise, and commercial products. However, the training data and machine learning models used to power the platform remain the intellectual property of Gencraft.

Users should avoid generating content that infringes on copyrights or trademarks held by third parties. While Gencraft screens content for spam, abuse and trademarks, users are responsible for lawful usage of the media they create.


Gencraft offers both free and paid subscription plans. Free accounts can generate up to 2 images per day up to 512x512 pixel resolution. For unlimited high-res image and video generation, monthly subscriptions start at $14.99 per month. Enterprise plans are also available for animation studios and commercial use cases.

The platform provides periodic discounts and promotions for premium subscriptions. Bulk discounts are available for purchasing multiple months upfront. Students and academics can also get special discounted pricing by emailing support@gencraft.com.

Community Guidelines

Gencraft maintains community guidelines that prohibit generating violent, dangerous, unethical, illegal or harmful content. Users are expected to comply with all applicable laws and use common sense in creating responsible AI art.

The company employs both automated systems and human reviewers to monitor for policy violations. Accounts attempting to misuse the platform may be banned. Feedback and suggestions to improve the service can be shared through the app's channels or support email.

By fostering a creative, collaborative environment the community can help shape the future of AI art and media.

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