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Hotpot AI

Website: https://hotpot.ai/
Also Known for: Hot Pot AI, Hot Pot AI Generator
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Hotpot AI is a platform that offers AI-powered tools for content creation and editing, catering to artists, designers, content creators, social media managers, and NFT artists. The platform includes features like the AI Art Generator, AI Picture Restorer, AI Face Enhancer, AI Picture Colorizer, AI Background Remover, AI Object Remover, and AI Color Generator. These tools leverage advanced AI models to enhance creative experiences, allowing users to tackle tasks that traditionally required significant time and effort. Hotpot AI is a cloud-based platform, allowing users to access its powerful AI tools without downloading or installing anything. Its pricing structure is flexible, starting at $12 for 1000 credits, making it a budget-friendly tool for AI-powered content creation utilities. The platform is gaining popularity in graphic design, offering tools to generate graphics, pictures, and text.

What is Hotpot AI?

Tools, Products or Services of Hotpot AI

  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Art Generator
  • AI Headshots
  • AI Stock Photos
  • AI Photo Upscaler
  • AI Object Remover
  • AI Background Remover
  • AI Art Personalizer
  • AI Anime Generator
  • AI Picture Restorer
  • AI Face Enhancer
  • AI Picture Colorizer
  • AI Logo Generator
  • AI Game Tools
  • AI Avatars Generator
  • AI Profile Picture Editor
  • AI Character Generator
  • AI Background Generator
  • Free Game Assets
  • App Marketing Pack
  • NFT Generator
  • Free Icons Generator
  • Icon Resizer
  • AI Art Gallery
  • AI Color Generator
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Stable Diffusion API
  • Instagram Post Generator
  • Instagram Story Generator
  • Facebook Cover Generator
  • Facebook Post Generator
  • LinkedIn Banner Generator
  • YouTube Thumbnails Generator
  • YouTube Banners Generator
  • Game Asset Generator
  • Game Background Generator
  • Wallpaper Generator
  • AI DnD Generator
  • App Store Icon Generator

Hotpot AI Plan & Pricing

Prices vary by product and settings.

To find your price, simply try the Hotpot product you want to use. Prices appear before Hotpot asks for payment.

Most Hotpot products offer free access for exploration.

Commercial usage and advanced settings require credits.

For team, high-volume, or self-hosted pricing, you need to contact Hotpot. Self-hosted is designed for enterprises who value control and security in exchange for a premium.

  • Pay Monthly: 1000 credits / mo - $10 / mo
  • Pay Once: 1000 credits / mo - $12
  • Pay Yearly: 1000 credits / mo - $100 / yr
  • Pay Monthly: 2500 credits / mo - $25 / mo
  • Pay Once: 2500 credits / mo - $30
  • Pay Yearly: 2500 credits / mo - $250 / yr
  • Pay Monthly: 5000 credits / mo (POPULAR) - $50 / mo
  • Pay Once: 5000 credits / mo - $60
  • Pay Yearly: 5000 credits / mo - $500 / yr
  • Pay Monthly: 10000 credits / mo - $100 / mo
  • Pay Once: 10000 credits / mo - $120
  • Pay Yearly: 10000 credits / mo - $1000 / yr
  • Pay Monthly: 20000 credits / mo - $200 / mo
  • Pay Once: 20000 credits / mo - $240
  • Pay Yearly: 20000 credits / mo - $2000 / yr
  • Spend $30 or more, get $20 AI headshots free


Hotpot philosophy is simple: charge people who can afford Hotpot and help those who cannot.

Hotpot is proud to support budding entrepreneurs in Ghana, Nigeria, and other developing nations with aggressively affordable prices. Some question charging $1 per graphic because Stripe refuses to support microtransactions and extracts a painful 32.9% per transaction. Increasing prices by $1 to offset Stripe fees would be tolerable for users in America and advanced nations, but for millions of others, $1 is comparable to a full day's wage.

Educators and Influencers

Hotpot frequently runs collaborations with influencers and educators seeking to share Hotpot AI products with their audiences. To request discounted or free credits, please reach out. Hotpot does not do paid collaborations.

Hotpot AI Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Use and Licensing

Can I use Hotpot graphics and text for commercial purposes?

Yes, commercial use of Hotpot graphics and text is permitted when you purchase credits or a license. However, this only grants you the right to use Hotpot for commercial reasons, not copyright or intellectual property protection. Similar to tools like Photoshop or Microsoft Word, uniqueness cannot be guaranteed, and it is possible for similar content to be created with other software. As a tool, Hotpot aids in creativity and task automation but does not ensure compliance with intellectual property laws. The responsibility to create unique content that adheres to all legal standards lies with you. Hotpot may implement invisible watermarks for legal identification of its creations.

Is Hotpot available for free?

Hotpot offers free tiers for personal or non-commercial use to accommodate all users. For free usage, Hotpot requests attribution. Details on attribution requirements are provided on our website.

What do Hotpot licenses cover?

Hotpot licenses authorize commercial use of our software but do not grant copyright or any other form of intellectual property right. Hotpot serves as a general-purpose tool for generating images, graphics, and text, with users fully responsible for ensuring their commercial use complies with applicable laws.

Copyright and Creativity

Are AI-generated images copyrightable?

The copyright status of AI-generated images is currently under legal review, with courts offering varied opinions. Drawing parallels with copyrightability of iPhone photos, which involve AI in their creation, it seems reasonable that AI-generated images might also be copyrighted. Nonetheless, this stance is subject to change as legal perspectives evolve, and it is advisable to seek formal legal advice on this matter.

Can Hotpot guarantee unique creations?

No service, including Hotpot, can assure the uniqueness of generated content. While tools like AI Art Remixer and the use of custom seed images can help differentiate your creations, the potential for producing similar or identical content through common prompts remains. Determining image uniqueness often relies on subjective judgement, making it a complex issue beyond the scope of objective algorithms. Users are encouraged to use Hotpot as a creative assistant while bearing the full responsibility for ensuring originality and legal compliance.

Usage Terms and Restrictions

What are the terms and restrictions for using Hotpot?

Hotpot users are expected to adhere to ethical use guidelines, avoiding harm, incitement of violence, or malicious activities. Our "Hotpocratic oath" encourages using Hotpot for positive purposes only. Violation of our terms may result in account termination without refunds. We believe in the advancement potential of technology while recognizing the need for responsible use. We urge our community to help maintain a responsible use environment, leveraging Hotpot to benefit society at large.

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