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To be held on Thursday, 8th October 2020 at 9am GMT+1 to 4:30pm GMT+1.

One of the best gift possessed by humans is the ability to adapt to change. Little did we know that the global COVID-19 pandemic was going to deprive us of our regular mode of living, here we are today with several months of stay at home with many organisations and people pivoting into the digital economy. The immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the whole world with developments changing frequently. However, digital innovations and technology solutions have been deployed to respond urgently to these changes, This has led to a notable increase in demand for online transactions, resulting in a significant shift from cash to digital payment methods.

Central bank digital Currency or often referred to as CBDC is a digital representation of a nation’s currency which could or could not be based on a blockchain network. Many  countries around the world such as France ,USA, China and UK are all looking into CBDC and some in pilot phase for these innovations. African central banks are also exploring the potential of CBDC and it is timely that we explore what CBDC really means in the context of Africa. Could CBDC be the catalyst needed for financial inclusion and driving transparency in the financial sector. The role decentralised finance could play in the financial sector and remittances space has massive potential and  is of great importance.

With that being said, it is of great pleasure to announce to all that Global Policy House and CoinNewsExtra the founders of both institutions  from the African continent have collaborated with many partners  including Fintech association of Nigeria, Africa Chamber of Digital Commerce , Consensys and many more to host the first ever Africa CBDC summit to shed some light on the impact that CBDC could or could not  have in Africa. The first regional stop will be in Nigeria, the first of it’s kind to hit the African continent. The summit is also set to explore how the Fintech ecosystem, Central Banks , Governments  and many  other players can jointly work together to contribute to African growth, support investments and ensure the right regulatory climate for the African Market.

The Keynote speakers for the summit   are coming from the African Union, Central Banks,Commercial banks, Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria, digital Currency enthusiasts, Academics and many more from different sectors.In addition to the sponsorship from Global Policy House (international sponsor) , CoinNewsExtra (Media sponsor)  we are honoured to welcome GuapCoin as Platinum sponsor to this event.

About Global Policy House (GPH)

The Global Policy House (GPH)  exists to close the digital divide ensuring that no one is left behind. Global Policy House is led by African born Michelle Chivunga N, a globally recognised digital transformation and Blockchain thought leader. The main goal of GPH is to evaluate through research, educate through digital transformation programmes  and empower through cutting edge emerging technology innovations providing digital, financing and policy solutions that are inclusive and sustainable. GPH has global coverage with partnerships spread across continents of the world and leading in Blockchain, AI, Cyber Security and other emerging technology developments globally especially in emerging markets.  There are over  3 billion people without access to the internet and more than 2 billion people excluded from the financial system-many unable to trade digitally and unequipped to deal with the digital world.

The 4th Industrial revolution driven by technology is here to stay and at GPH we believe investment is required to reap the benefits of 4IR and core to this is the up-skilling of human capital and equipping leaders so the can not only fit job markets of the future but are able to create new ones. GPH is at the forefront of educating and building blockchain solutions tailored to address many challenges around trade,enterprise and financing.The women led young agile group is well recognised by top institutions including the United Nations, African Union, World Trade Organisation, International Chambers of Commerce and many more for the blockchain and digital transformation  work undertaken.

GPH is working with these global partners and many more in continents of the world to help close the digital divide and ensure opportunity for all, building sustainable and inclusive digital futures.

About CoinNewsExtra (CNE)

CoinNewsExtra is the fastest growing global blockchain, crypto and Fintech Media Platform with it's headquarter in Lagos State Nigeria West Coast of Africa.

CoinNewsExtra invites and host global Crypto Influencers, enthusiasts and visionaries every week to share their knowledge on difficult aspects of acquiring and investing in digital assest, utililization and importance of Fintech in solving banking and financial problems, need for decentralized finance in our commerce and financial system and the essence of Blockchain and AI in our everyday life to enhance the quality of living.

CoinNewsExtra is a network connected platform that aims to create massive awareness and in-depth orientation to youths on financial freedom and life in general.

CoinNewsExtra is on a mission to educate Africans and the world at large on emerging technologies. Giving insights on how Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies can play a big role in wealth creation.

We are God’s own media, we are the pacesetters. We aim to provide solutions to economic and financial problems through the media for individuals, organizations, countries and the whole world at large, by impacting knowledge on how to leverage on digital assets.


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