FinFabrik and Chekk sign MOU to live and breathe KYC into digital assets investment

Matthew Lam   Feb 18, 2020 10:00

FinFabrik is pleased to announce that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chekk to integrate Chekk’s KYC capabilities to its market infrastructure “CrossPool”, enabling financial institutions in private markets to grow new digital asset businesses powered by distributed technology.

FinFabrik and Chekk share a common approach to developing solutions based first and foremost on their deep capital markets practitioner experience. CrossPool is built to serve the asset issuers and investors primarily to achieve two things: (a) creating a primary market where institutions originate and allocate digital assets, and (b) a secondary market where investors are able to discover a price, buy and sell those assets whilst being able to transfer their ownership rights in a legal and compliant manner. Moreover, CrossPool has a strong identity management module that lets any company or individual own, manage and distribute their digital identity in a permissioned network whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

Alex Medana, Co-founder & CEO, said, “Chekk and FinFabrik share the same philosophy around identity management: giving the right level of transparency, portability and ownership to the users. I believe that everyone should ultimately own “themselves”, that is, their credentials and where they are distributed as long as the rules are followed. Chekk is a great partner in that it uses advanced consent and encryption technologies at data point level, enabling users to control what is shared with whom.”

Pascal Nizri, Co-founder & CEO, said, “Chekk is extremely happy to support FinFabrik and help them with investors’ on-boarding and KYC. Both companies share the same missions, leveraging technologies to create more inclusive financial services, FinFabrik in creating new marketplaces and opportunities for investors, Chekk in offering financial institutions a better way to on-board clients and customers a digital passport enabling them to be in full control of their digital identity and data”.

About FinFabrik

FinFabrik is a financial technology firm headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shenzhen and London. Founded in 2016, it aims to transform financial services leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence to achieve broader financial participation. Its flagship product CrossPool is a market infrastructure empowering both asset issuers and investors in the private markets, where digital assets can meet capital. FinFabrik is a member of R3 and Hyperledger enterprise networks. For more information, please visit

About Chekk

Chekk is a leading firm in the eKYC, Digital Identity and data portability space headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Paris and Sydney. Chekk provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for Financial Institutions (Retail, Private and Corporate Banking, Insurance…), Telecommunication companies, etc. in order to help them streamline their on-boarding process, comply with regulation (KYC, AML, GDPR…), reduce costs, and leverage their customers’ Digital Identity and data with appropriate consent management, portability and end-to-end dual layer of encryption. For more information, please visit


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