Japan’s SBI Acquires Stake in Securitize

News Publisher   Nov 26, 2019 16:00

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Two months after it raised $14 million from Santander, MUFG, and a few others, San Francisco-based Securitize gets another big investment.

According to CoinDesk, Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings has invested a “seven-figure sum” in the company. In a statement, SBI Holdings CEO and president Yoshitaka Kitao said his company “strongly believes in the future of digital securities” and that Securitize is a “leading player in the industry.”

Carlos Domingo, Securitize’s founder and CEO, did not reveal how much SBI invested in his firm but did tell CoinDesk that it had six zeroes at the end of it. He said that Securitize will use the cash to expand its soon-to-be-opened Japan office:

“We’re going to do business there and that involves not only finding customers in Japan, but also localizing the technology and making sure you know the language for the next similar types of integrations that you might be looking at,” he said.

On SBI investing in his company, Domingo said “I think that the fact that [SBI is] putting their faith and investing in a company like us [is] signifying the move towards more adoption of security tokens.”

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