Alternatives of USDT Gained Wider Merchant Access including Microsoft

Drishti Bhagat   Dec 11, 2019 09:00

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BitPay, the blockchain payments processor, now supports three stablecoins, namely, Circle’s USD, the Gemini Dollar, and Paxos Standard Token. This will allow over 30,000 merchants, including Microsoft and Avnet to accept payments in these three stablecoins.

Essentially, BitPay’s users, alongside its prepaid cardholders will have the choice to spend the above – mentioned stablecoins through supported merchants. Stephen Pair, the co-founder of BitPay, adds, “Businesses can invoice international customers without the need for costly, complicated cross-border wire transfers.

Customers can send and receive payments using fast, efficient, and volatility free dollar-pegged stablecoins”. At present, BitPay supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether payments but will be looking to incorporate XRP cryptocurrency on its platform, following on from their partnership with Ripple’s developer program ‘XSpring.’

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