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Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment Secures US$3.5M for Bitcoin Metaverse Ecosystem Token

Darewise Entertainment raised US$3.5 million via a token pre-sale on 17 October 2023, ahead of its Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem token launch, aimed at enhancing the development of its game Life Beyond. With significant backing from notable investors and strategic support from Horizen Labs for a 2024 token release, the project marks a substantial stride toward creating a Bitcoin-powered gaming metaverse.

  • Oct 18, 2023 08:26
Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment Secures US$3.5M for Bitcoin Metaverse Ecosystem Token

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced on 17 October 2023, a successful pre-sale event, accumulating US$3.5 million ahead of its Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem token launch. The funds are slated for the further development of the Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem under Darewise's initiative, with a particular focus on their upcoming "AAA" MMO game, Life Beyond. This announcement follows the revelation made on 14 September 2023, regarding the launch of a new ecosystem token on the Bitcoin blockchain, with Life Beyond as its inaugural adopter.

The pre-sale saw participation from key gaming investors and Web3 venture capital entities like Gamefi Ventures, London Real Ventures, Citizen Capital, Blocore, Animoca Ventures, and Yat Siu, who is the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands. The wide array of investors from the gaming and Web3 culture signifies a robust confidence in Darewise's project, resonating with the innovative integration of the Bitcoin ecosystem for a new digital experience.

The token, yet to be launched by Darewise, is envisaged to power a comprehensive ecosystem on the Bitcoin blockchain, encompassing gaming, brand collaborations, and In Real Life (IRL) experiences. Life Beyond is set to pioneer the utilization of the token, facilitating transactions for in-game assets, virtual lands, among other features. The ecosystem token is anticipated to be released in early 2024 with Horizen Labs, a notable technology provider who had earlier orchestrated the launch of ApeCoin, providing strategic support.

James Lim, the founder of Blocore, elucidated their investment decision stating, "We invested in Darewise and Life Beyond because we are drawn by its pioneering integration of the Bitcoin ecosystem and an immersive experience that promises to reshape the landscape of digital exploration and connectivity." Similarly, a spokesperson from Citizen Capital, NEO Tokyo's official venture capital arm, expressed their enthusiasm as early investors alongside Animoca Brands, highlighting the game's impressive artwork, robust lore, and the promising team behind it.

Benjamin Charbit, the CEO of Darewise, acknowledged the significance of this round, welcoming investors who believe in their project and values. He emphasized the broad spectrum of investors as a strong indicator of faith in building on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

With the new Darewise ecosystem token expected to hit the market in early 2024, and with backing from Horizen Labs, the path is paved for an innovative gaming metaverse anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain. The CEO, investors, and the wider gaming community await with bated breath as Darewise's project sets the stage for a new realm of digital interaction and economic transactions within the gaming world.

Prior to the successful fundraising of US$3.5 million by Darewise Entertainment for its Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem, another Animoca Brands subsidiary, Forj, had initiated a significant move to propel the ApeCoin ecosystem by launching the $APE Accelerator. This initiative seeks to endorse and fund projects, bolstering the utility and value of ApeCoin. The accelerator is a testament to the broader objective within Animoca Brands' network to foster blockchain-centric innovation across various digital domains. The consecutive efforts by Forj and Darewise Entertainment highlight a structured approach by Animoca Brands to leverage and support blockchain technology, enriching the gaming and Web3 spaces respectively.

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