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Anycoin Direct Launches Innovative New Platform

Drishti Bhagat May 12, 2020 08:00

Veghel, NL, Release: 28 April 2020.

Anycoin Direct Launches Innovative New Platform


Anycoin Direct launches innovative new platform

Veghel, NL, Release: 28 April 2020.

Cryptocurrency exchange service Anycoin Direct rolls out a new website for the European market.

With their newly designed website, Anycoin Direct aims to make the buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies more accessible for everyone. The personalized design is unique within the cryptocurrency industry and was chosen to create a more reliable and trustworthy appearance. CTO Julian van der Wijst states ‘'With this new approach we’re going to show that getting into cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be difficult or unpersonal’'.  Their step-by-step process helps users whether beginner or experienced, carry out fast and secure transactions.

Anycoin Direct is a cryptocurrency broker based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2013. They were the first European cryptocurrency broker to offer a live-chat support service, 7 days a week. With their new platform, Anycoin Direct is trying to make cryptocurrency accessible for a larger audience, including less tech-savvy users.


A new innovative feature is the adaptive side support bar. This system dynamically shows relevant questions and answers during each step in the buying and selling process. If this system is unable to answer the questions, the Anycoin Direct support team is just one click away for direct assistance. A live chat can be opened 7 days a week to get in touch directly with one of their support agents. Furthermore, they offer in-depth information on all supported cryptocurrency projects making it possible to learn more about your favorite coins.

Check out the platform at and try it for yourself.


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