'B is for Bitcoin' Children's Book by Graeme Moore

Alo Kingsley   Sep 16, 2019 08:18 - 2019-09-16T152356.434.jpg


A recent release of a new book that targets teaching kids about Bitcoin, titled "B is for Bitcoin," mentions the basics of the alphabets as well cryptocurrency which would have most likely gained sufficient relevance by the time they become grown-ups are shown.


Although Bitcoin is currently 10 years old, it could still be considered as being in its early stages.


At the time this report we could easily say that Bitcoin and its altcoin cousins are still being used majorly for speculative purposes especially when compared to the regular fiat which we use for everyday transactions.


We cannot also neglect the fact that the blockchain technology would most likely have become a more common technology by the time today's kids would be adults, as it would have been integrated into just about every sector by then.


Graeme Moore, the author of the book had come to this realization and wanted to provide children with the necessary information that would equip them to get a better grasp this technology and a bit about the world of finance, seeing that it would have attained far more mass adoption by the time the kids between the ages of 20-30 years of age. However, there still seems to be an issue, as children do not buy books but read when given to them by their parents, the challenge was to find a way to market the books to parents who would buy for their kids. It is noteworthy to state that this book is now on Amazon. Moore explained:

"Their parents buy books, especially if you’re writing an ABC book. When the book ‘Go the [Expletive] to Sleep’ came out, you’re selling a book to the two-year old’s parents. My book is really targeted at me in five to ten years. Flash forward and I have a kid, what would I buy? I would have purchased [“B is for Bitcoin”] because it’s what I want to read to my kid. You know, I don’t want to teach my kid, ‘A is for apple and B is for ball.’ I want to teach him, ‘A is for altcoin, busts, and booms. B is for Bitcoin when moon?’

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