Bitcoin Millionaire Warns Against Disclosing Crypto Holdings After Narrowly Escaping Rubbery Attack

Alo Kingsley   Sep 10, 2019 01:37



It has been reported that a millionaire who happened to have acquired his wealth through Bitcoins fell into the arms of an armed robber. He used this to sound a note of warning to other members of the crypto community.


The Oslo based multi-millionaire had acquired his wealth by working for 10 years by doing crypto-related jobs. He was said to have had an encounter with a thief who held him at gunpoint while trying to steal all his Bitcoins.


The report stated that the unnamed man owned over $100,000 worth of Bitcoin. Although the incident occurred on May 14th, it wasn't until a few hours ago that the news from Reddit's official handle on twitter was reported


The multi-millionaire who happened to be at home at the time the armed gunman rang the bell was told to lie down on the ground or risk being shot.


The Norwegian man, however, made his way through the door and jump down the two-story building in order to keep his life and assets safe.


At the time of this report, the case is currently being handled by the Oslo Attorney General’s Office, and the armed robber is denying the allegations, considering the fact that there was no concrete evidence.

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