Bitcoin Trading Guide- Important Steps for Beginners

Bitcoincode   Feb 18, 2021 04:00

Bitcoin adoption and popularity are growing by the day. And as the price of Bitcoin continues to make significant moves, traders can make more profits and faster. Bitcoin trading mechanics are straightforward. You can trade Bitcoin the way you can do fiat currency. The only difference is that a central authority does not control the crypto market. Also, most factors that affect the price of traditional currency do not apply to digital currency.

You’ve heard that people are using Bitcoin software like bitcoincode to optimize and streamline their investments. Well, that’s true. Crypto trading software works by setting trading parameters and then looking for the most profitable trades based on those settings. And this automates the trading process, thereby saving you money and reducing the risk factors.

But, even when you use a crypto trading app, it would help if you were systematic. This article highlights the essential steps for crypto trading beginners.  

1.   Research

Start by researching about Bitcoin. Find out everything you can about this cryptocurrency. Also, find out about different Bitcoin trading strategies. Some of the most common Bitcoin trading strategies are:

  • HODling
  • Trend trading
  • Day trading
  • Breakout trading
  • Hedging

Take your time to learn about each of these strategies to decide what works best for you. Use different online resources, including e-courses, videos, and e-books, to learn about Bitcoin trading. But don’t forget that no strategy is risk-free, no matter how popular it is.

2.   Come Up with a Trading plan

After studying different Bitcoin trading strategies, come up with a plan. Trading Bitcoin is the same as any other venture. Therefore, come up with criteria that will lead to your success. Decide how you will implement your chosen Bitcoin trading strategy.

If you don’t plan, you will quickly become a victim of the fear of losing or insatiable greed. Therefore, come up with a plan that includes precise, realistic goals. Decide your risk profile and a target profit. Determine the amount you can invest, knowing you can lose all of it.

3.   Mitigate Trading Risks

No investment doesn’t have some risks. Whether you are trading Bitcoin or stock, you have to deal with some risks. The volatility of crypto prices is the leading risk factor to consider when trading Bitcoin.

However, you can mitigate this risk by setting stop-loss and limit-close orders. And this will help you limit losses or secure profits before the crypto market gets out of control.

4.   Find a Reliable, Safe Bitcoin Exchange

A Bitcoin exchange is the place where you buy and sell this cryptocurrency. And, there are many platforms where you can purchase or sell Bitcoin. However, take your time to research the available crypto exchanges. Not every Bitcoin exchange you come across is safe and fast. What’s more, different platforms have varying rules for cashing out Bitcoin into fiat money.

Ideally, you should research the market to find a secure and convenient crypto exchange. An ideal platform should enable you to purchase and sell Bitcoin faster. That way, you avoid losing on a good trading opportunity.

5.   Find a Secure Digital Wallet

Just like a crypto exchange, choose a secure and reliable digital wallet. A wallet is storage for Bitcoin. When you store your Bitcoins in a digital wallet, you can move them to and from an exchange. You can also send your Bitcoins to another person with a digital wallet.

The Bottom Line 

Bitcoin trading can be a profitable venture if done correctly. Just like any other investment, you should venture into Bitcoin trading systematically. Follow these steps to start trading Bitcoin for profit.

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