Blockchain.News is now available on Dow Jones Factiva Database - Blockchain.News

Blockchain.News is now available on Dow Jones Factiva Database

Industry insights, analysis, and exclusive interviews from Blockchain.News are now available on Dow Jones Factiva—a database that aggregates more than 33,000 trusted, high-quality news and content sources from across the globe.

  • Jun 22, 2020 09:00
Blockchain.News is now available on Dow Jones Factiva Database

Blockchain.News is now available as a source in Dow Jones, a leading, global collection of licensed news, web content, and company data. Factiva has 32,000 sources from nearly every country worldwide, in 28 languages, and is owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

Bitcoin and its underlying technology blockchain, has become the catalyst for a new digital era for human society and a transition to machine-based trust, especially in monetary systems. Blockchain is a decentralized, cryptographic—and in Bitcoin’s case— public ledger consisting of chains of hashed blocks that are used to record transactions across many nodes so that any involved block cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

Bitcoin could potentially redefine monetary forms, issuance, money movement and allow us to discard legacy central authorities and institutions which no longer serve the people. According to Kun Hu, CEO, Blockchain.News, “Blockchain brings monetary freedom.”

Beyond financial transactions, the future impact of blockchain as a technology on humanity will be extremely profound—as the technology can be applied to other applications like supply chains, identity, providence, governance—we anticipate it will affect almost every industry globally, effectively reshaping the social and industrial structure of the world.

On the recent addition to the Dow Jones Factiva database, Stephanie Treversh, Business Development Manager, Blockchain.News said, “It’s our mission to grow the blockchain community by providing high-quality blockchain and FinTech related news, analysis, theory, and industry expert opinions to influence and accelerate blockchain adoption. Partnering with Dow Jones Factiva is a great example of utilizing content distribution channels to share Blockchain.News insights with a wider, global audience.”

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