Brazil Records the First Blockchain-Based Birth Certificate

Sarah Tran   Sep 02, 2019 09:35 1 Min Read - 2019-09-02T153255.918.jpg


The first birth certificate recorded on the blockchain was issued in Brazil to Álvaro de MedeirosMendonça 


As reported by Cointelegraph Brazil, Álvaro was one of the first children to have their birth certificate recorded with blockchain technology without the need for a centralized registry office.  


Growth Tech, a tech company, in partnership with IBM, invited Álvaro’s parents to the hospital to participate in the project. It was reported that the process of registering his newborn child only took less than five minutes when blockchain technology was used on Growth Tech’s Notary Ledgers platform, which also provides virtual notary services.  


IBM’s blockchain leader in Latin America, Carlos Rischioto mentioned that the child registration method takes three stages. The first is the “Live Birth Statement” recorded by the hospital. Second, the parents create a digital identity on the platform and lastly; the information is sent to the notary office, making the certificate official. He also stated that the platform would allow the birth registration office to be more efficient and transparent.   



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