Coinbase Partners with DustAid for Crypto Donations During Christmas

Drishti Bhagat   Dec 17, 2019 05:40

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In a recent blog post, Coinbase announced its charitable endeavors to help DustAid by allowing its customers to donate Crypto to three other charities, during the Christmas period. DustAid is an organization that supports projects globally. The partnership will give way to Coinbase users within the UK to donate crypto to important causes promoted by organizations such as NSPCC, a British children's charity that keeps young people away from abuse as well as the Little Edi Foundation, which supports and provides grants to rural communities in Romania, which are struggling, and Space for Giants, who endeavor to protect the future of elephants and their habitat.


Louise Corden, the Lead Digital Producer for NSPCC, adds, "Raising funds via cryptocurrency highlights how the NSPCC is continually exploring new ways to enable people to donate to the charity and contribute to our fight for every childhood. We are really grateful for the backing we have received from DustAid and Coinbase, and we now hope that users of cryptocurrency go to their platforms to make a festive donation to Childline."


In addition, the managing director also believes in the meaningful impact blockchain technology can have on people, on a global scale. To quote, "DustAid's mission is to make giving a simple, easy, and transparent part of our daily lives. We are really proud to be working with leading organizations like Coinbase and NSPCC to make this a reality and to help children be heard this Christmas."



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