Consider These 6 Factors When Trading Crypto In 2021

Blockchain.News Official Team   Mar 12, 2021 05:00

What do trading audiences expect with high-quality, modern exchange and aggregator services? It has a lot to do with the context of the industry – what people are doing with their assets, and the choices that they have to navigate within the greater fintech ecosystem.

Here are some of the things that contribute to superior platform services for cryptocurrency and defi exchanges that want to move the ball forward in the realm of decentralized assets.

 1.Low Fees and Capable Throughput

 One thing that cryptocurrency brought to the world of finance is the types of frictionless and easily verified transactions that lower the cost of providing services. The best exchanges and associated platforms pass this on to users in the form of low trading fees. The scalability and design of these systems means that administrators can take advantage of core efficiencies that empower their users.

 2.Regulatory Problems

 Many of us have heard about what happened at BitMex and OKEx and Kraken and Ripple…  and the list goes on – the cryptocurrency sector is rife with conflict between regulators and the parties being regulated. Exchanges that are proactive in compliance will often outperform those who aren't, and deliver more in terms of investor confidence.

Think about these aspects of crypto exchange and interface design.Atani is a major aggregator performing with attention to the above pillars of quality, with thousands of pairs, low trading fees, and much more. Get the security and access of a well-designed sandbox for cryptocurrency transactions.

3.Liquidity Aggregators

The best platforms are able to bring a lot of siloed activity together from places like Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, and other areas of the cryptocurrency world, to offer traders a bigger menu at their fingertips. This is more than just an academic exercise – having more than one exchange platform in a particular interface gives users access to more in real time as they plan their portfolio strategies.

4.Portfolio Tracking, Event Notification and More

Of course, it's important for end users to be aware of what's happening during a given market session. A good trading terminal will accomplish this through offering different kinds of transparency resources. Traders may be involved in complex positions. They should be able to see these at a glance. They should also be able to understand whether any big volatility events are going on. All of this drives more informed trading sessions and it’s a must for new exchanges to think about how they offer these features.

5.Uptime and Availability

One of the worst situations for traders is when they can't access their assets and trade them in real time.

Sadly, crypto exchanges are not always immune from unplanned downtime, and that can create problems in various ways. The best exchanges will use redundant zones of availability to maintain service, even through peak trading or various kinds of emergencies.

6.Secure Wallet Profiles

Exchanges also work to put traders’ minds at rest in terms of cybersecurity. With a combination of proper safeguards and non-custodial brokerage frameworks, end users can be confident about trading without the threat of internal hacking affecting their wallets or what goes into and out of those wallets on a regular basis.

Image source: Atani

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