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Deepfake Dangers: Michael Saylor Alerts Followers to Emerging Bitcoin Scams

Zach Anderson Jan 16, 2024 02:31

MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor warns of deepfake scams on YouTube, using AI to mimic him promoting Bitcoin giveaways. He stresses the need for vigilance and verification to protect against these sophisticated frauds.

Deepfake Dangers: Michael Saylor Alerts Followers to Emerging Bitcoin Scams

Deepfake Scams on the Rise

Michael Saylor, the Chairman of MicroStrategy, recently warned his 3.2 million followers about the proliferation of deepfake videos on YouTube. These AI-generated videos falsely portray Saylor promoting Bitcoin scams, a growing trend that poses a significant threat to the cryptocurrency community. In a notable post on X (formerly Twitter), Saylor emphasized, “There is no risk-free way to double your #bitcoin, and @MicroStrategy doesn’t give away $BTC to those who scan a barcode”​​​​.

The Threat of AI in Cryptocurrency Scams

The use of artificial intelligence in creating deepfake videos has become a tool for fraudsters. These sophisticated scams show prominent figures like Saylor, urging viewers to scan a barcode and send Bitcoin, falsely promising to double their investment. Saylor's security team reportedly takes down about 80 fake AI-generated YouTube videos daily, yet scammers persistently create more​​​​.

Previous Incidents

This tactic isn't new in the cryptocurrency world. In November 2023, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was targeted by similar AI-generated scams. The increasing sophistication of these scams, leveraging AI technology, requires the crypto community to be vigilant. Users are advised to verify sources and be skeptical of unrealistic promises, especially when they involve sending funds to unknown addresses or platforms promising high returns​​​​.

Saylor's Personal and MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Holdings

Amidst these warnings, it's notable that Saylor recently revealed selling $216 million of MicroStrategy's shares, planning to buy more Bitcoin for his personal holdings. As of December 2023, his software intelligence firm reported holding 189,150 bitcoins​​.

The Double-Edged Sword of AI

The rise of AI technology, while offering numerous benefits across various industries, also presents a dual nature. Its ability to create convincing deepfakes has become a potent tool for deception, particularly in the digital currency space. As AI continues to evolve, so does the necessity for individuals and organizations to remain vigilant against digital deception​​.


In conclusion, the increasing use of deepfake technology in cryptocurrency scams highlights a significant threat to investors. Saylor's proactive approach in warning the public and actively combating these scams underscores the need for awareness and vigilance in the digital age. It's crucial for investors to practice due diligence, verifying the authenticity of information and being wary of schemes that sound too good to be true.

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