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DLive Introduces Decentralized Video Streaming to Increase Customer Base By Over 50 Million Monthly Users

DLive has partnered with Theta Network to offer decentralized video streaming to users.

  • Oct 14, 2019 06:45
DLive Introduces Decentralized Video Streaming to Increase Customer Base By Over 50 Million Monthly Users

Videos have become the norm of online content. Nowadays, it is far more common for an individual to watch a short video than to read a lengthy blog. YouTube has been the king of online video for many years.

But several people are beginning to look elsewhere for an alternative because YouTube declines to embrace the blockchain and other emerging technologies.

DLive is one of the new video streaming platforms that are bursting onto the scene and trying to become the new decentralized YouTube alternative.

A few days ago, DLive partnered with Theta network to introduce peer-to-peer video content and new token rewards for DLive users.  

Peer-To-Peer Videos

DLive is looking forward to disrupting the existing monopolized video streaming services existing on the internet, which are dominated by a few numbers of market players such as Twitch and YouTube.

This project focuses on building and promoting a decentralized video content distribution infrastructure, which does away with the middlemen to better pays the content creators and the artistes.

The outcome of such a partnership will see Theta Network protocol be successfully integrated into the DLive platform on both mobile and desktop devices.

The integration of Theta Network is a plus for DLive’s development’s agenda as it continues championing for the rights of independent content creators who frequently get lost under the influence of financially well-off counterparts. 

Wilson Wei, CEO, DLive commented:

“The DLive platform has experienced tremendous growth in 2019, but that comes with rapid increasing content delivery costs. The move to add Theta Network to our video infrastructure will help us to minimize such costs by 50% or more. Therefore, making the growth of DLive platform more sustainable and also creating a new method to engage our users with new token rewards. This is how we can grow from 5 million to 50 million monthly users, and we are happy to leverage long-term strategic opportunities with Theta and Lino”.    

Blockchain Rocks Video Streaming Industry

Similar to a huge number of other industries, blockchain technology has turned out to be a perfect instrument to upgrade the operational mechanisms existing within the video streaming space.

YouTube follows the old fashion model of video consumption and distribution that implies they store all the data on their own servers. This is tremendously expensive and needs numerous ads, which a viewer is constantly bombarded with.

Furthermore, the content creator obtains the smallest amount of income because of such a huge overhead. Centralized design implies higher costs and lower rewards for individuals supplying the content.

DLive platform now escapes such as an archaic model and looks to the future. This online video platform takes advantage of whatever blockchain technology has to provide, particularly the smart contract and the benefits derived from the peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

Decentralized video streaming proves to be much more advantageous than the centralized one. Today’s centralized delivery networks are facing problems associated with limited bandwidth, security concerns, and even poor quality of streaming.

This explains why DLive is switching to emerging technologies like blockchain to address such concerns.

Token Rewards for Online Video Contents

DLive is planning to offer token rewards to enable continued business development and allow video users a chance to jump on the bandwagon, a YouTube alternative, as early as possible.  

Take Away

Entities such as Twitch, Netflix, and YouTube refused to embrace the advantage of blockchain technology and prefer to remain in a centralized past.

But DLive platform opts for embracing the future and new technological innovations as they provide a decentralized YouTube alternative. The platform will start providing decentralized video streaming, which is now on-demand.        


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