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Ex-FTX Execs Launch New Crypto Exchange Backpack

Former FTX executives, Can Sun, are launching Backpack Exchange in Dubai, aiming to raise $100 million for customer fund security and advanced technology.

  • Nov 13, 2023 07:28
Ex-FTX Execs Launch New Crypto Exchange Backpack

Nearly a year after the dramatic collapse of FTX, several former executives of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange have banded together to launch a new venture in the digital currency space. This new endeavor, named Backpack Exchange, is set to reshape the crypto landscape with a focus on enhanced security and regulatory compliance.

Genesis of Backpack Exchange

Leadership and Vision: The project is spearheaded by Can Sun, previously a lawyer at FTX, with significant support from Armani Ferrante, a former FTX employee who now serves as CEO of Trek Labs, the holding company based in the British Virgin Islands. Trek Labs, a Dubai-based startup, has been authorized to offer cryptocurrency services in the region. Claire Zhang, Sun's former legal deputy at FTX and Ferrante's spouse, also plays a crucial role in the team, albeit with plans to step down post-investment round.

Mission and Technology: With lessons learned from FTX’s downfall, Backpack Exchange focuses on ensuring the security of customer funds, a critical aspect FTX failed at. The exchange incorporates a self-custody solution utilizing a multiparty computation (MPC) technique, designed for enhanced security in fund transactions.

Strategic Location and Regulatory Compliance

Dubai as a Crypto Hub: The choice of Dubai as the base for Backpack Exchange is strategic. Dubai’s progressive stance towards virtual assets and the regulatory framework established by the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) offers a conducive environment for crypto ventures. Backpack has obtained the Dubai Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license, enabling it to operate within one of the world’s emerging financial centers.

Product Offerings and Launch Timeline: Backpack Exchange plans to commence operations with spot trading, featuring state-of-the-art features like zero-knowledge proof of reserves and low-latency order execution. Exclusive early access is set for November 2023 for existing Backpack and MadLads community members, followed by a broader public launch in early 2024.

The Road Ahead: Transparency and Market Integrity

Commitment to Transparency: In a bid to instill greater trust and compliance in the crypto industry, Backpack Exchange adheres to VARA’s stringent regulations. This commitment is seen as a major step towards the institutionalization of cryptocurrency trading in Dubai, enhancing investor protection and maintaining market integrity.

Dubai's Regulatory Framework: The decision of Dubai to regulate and license exchanges like Backpack reflects a positive approach towards embracing blockchain technology, with a focus on creating a regulated yet thriving environment for crypto-assets.

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