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Hong Kong-Based LOST Launches World's 1st Escape Room in Metaverse

Aaron Limbu Apr 12, 2022 06:25

Hong Kong-based LOST has launched the world's first escape room in the metaverse.\

Hong Kong-Based LOST Launches World's 1st Escape Room in Metaverse

Hong Kong-based LOST has launched the world’s first escape room in the metaverse.

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The real-life escape room game company said that players in the “LOST in Metaverse” could earn awards and attain knowledge all at once while playing the game.

LOST said that the launch date has been set for May 15, 2022.

“Inspired by fictional events, historical stories, and different myths, LOST in Metaverse hosts a series of immersive adventure games online and/or offline,” LOST announced.

The company also said that there is an option for players to earn tokens and limited non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by switching between the physical and virtual worlds to complete tasks.

“By solving the puzzles and riddles, unlocking the treasure boxes and moving through the storyline, the players will uncover secrets and hints that lead them to the way out,” LOST said.

Additionally, LOST has also brought its physical experience into the metaverse for children aged 6 to 14. “LOST Junior” mainly involves an educational experience for children through storytelling, scientific explanations and social skills while playing and collecting rewards.

“The whole concept of LOST in Metaverse is to create a play-to-learn, play-to-earn experience where players can form teams with friends online and solve mysteries together in the comfort of their homes,” Rick Woo, Founder of LOST, stated.

LOST also stated that it plans to cooperate with different partners soon, and build a virtual world based on Web 3.0 named LOST Island – “an ultimate game world of a gaming ecosystem with infinite possibility, defining the new GameFi.”

Established in 2013, LOST currently has 14 branches around the world.

Other Metaverse Developments in Hong Kong

In another major metaverse development in the financial hub, HSBC Holdings said it has established a fund to render investment opportunities to its high and ultra-high net worth investors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Blockchain.News reported that HSBC will pinpoint investment opportunities across five areas in the metaverse ecosystem; infrastructure, interface, computing, experience and discovery, and virtualization through the Metaverse Discretionary Strategy portfolio.

Lina Lim, Asia Pacific’s regional head of discretionary and funds for investments and wealth solutions at HSBC, stated:

“The metaverse ecosystem, while still at its early stage, is rapidly evolving. We see many exciting opportunities in this space as companies of different backgrounds and sizes are flocking into the ecosystem.”

Last month, HSBC entered the metaverse ecosystem after partnering with Sandbox, a blockchain gaming platform.

As a result, it became the second global bank after JPMorgan Chase invested in a metaverse platform. Through the partnership, HSBC acquired a plot of LAND, the virtual real estate in The Sandbox metaverse, which it would develop for engagement, entertainment, and connection purposes.  

According to a recent report by Citi, the metaverse is expected to move away from the confines of a video game played on a virtual reality headset to become an “Open Metaverse” that would be owned and governed by a community.

Image source: LOST