ING Poll Reflects That Austrians are The Most Skeptical Towards Crypto

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An online survey conducted by ING a banking giant in Austria had revealed that Austrians are are the most skeptical people towards Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general. The poll also included respondents from 15 other countries, and it had reflected growth in the weakening of Bitcoin-positivity in other countries as well, according to Der Standard on Aug 14.

Situation getting worse

It is known that Austrians are generally conservative towards investment and if this a factor that has influenced the disposition of the people towards Bitcoin, it is evident that there is a lot of skepticism towards the digital currency.

The survey conducted showed that only 13% saw the digital currency in a positive light had been on a steady decline since previous years which recorded 17% and 20%.

The poll reflected that just 5% of Austrians would consent to have their salaries paid in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Exploring its state of awareness

Although there has been so much uncertainty and distrust expressed by the Austrians, the poll showed that they happen to understand more about cryptocurrencies than most nations but prefer to avoid the risk and volatility involved as much as possible. However, they see the value of blockchain technology as an energy trading firm, Graz plans to utilize the decentralized ledger technology to generate zero-carbon electricity.


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