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Mantle Network Now Accessible on Dune for Enhanced Blockchain Analytics

Rebeca Moen Jun 06, 2024 04:39

Mantle Network integrates with Dune, offering robust analytics for DeFi data.

Mantle Network Now Accessible on Dune for Enhanced Blockchain Analytics

Mantle Network has been integrated into Dune's platform, according to Dune. This integration promises to deliver extensive data insights and enhanced analytical capabilities for users exploring the Mantle ecosystem.

Why Mantle?

Mantle Network is celebrated for its robust and scalable blockchain architecture, designed to support a thriving DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. This integration was driven by a high demand for better data accessibility and deeper analytical insights within the community.

Mark, Head of Business Development at Mantle, stated, “Our collaboration with Dune is a testament to our commitment to providing valuable tools and resources to our community, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions. By leveraging Dune’s powerful analytics capabilities, we enable our users to gain deeper insights into Mantle Network, driving innovation and growth within the ecosystem.”

What Does This Mean for Users?

The integration of Mantle into Dune brings a wealth of data and insights to the community. From transaction volumes to smart contract interactions, the Mantle ecosystem offers a diverse and dynamic landscape for exploration and analysis.

Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune, commented, “Choosing to integrate with Mantle was a strategic decision driven by their exceptional blockchain infrastructure and data richness. Mantle’s data enhances our platform's ability to deliver detailed and reliable blockchain analytics, crucial for users who rely on accurate data for decision-making.”

Users can now access Mantle’s data as easily as any other blockchain on Dune. Creating dashboards and queries to delve into the intricacies of the Mantle network is straightforward, and users can explore pre-existing visualizations crafted by the community.

Mantle On-chain Activities by @mantlexyz
Mantle TVL Growth by @mantlexyz
Mantle On-chain Economics by @mantlexyz

Additionally, users can utilize the Dune API to convert any query into a flexible API endpoint, enhancing the data accessibility and usability for developers and analysts alike.

Looking Ahead

The commitment to providing the best data experience for the Mantle community remains strong. Dune continues to enhance its platform by adding more resources and featuring sample dashboards created by community members. These initiatives aim to empower users with the tools and insights necessary to unlock the full potential of Mantle’s rich data ecosystem.

Dune is continually on the lookout for new and emerging blockchains to add to its stack. Community members are encouraged to submit proposals for new blockchain integrations through the Data Request list or use Dune Catalyst to integrate their blockchain, making it discoverable on Dune.


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