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MetaBunny NFT gaining traction in Thailand

Capturing all the hype from Thailand, a number of popular Thai influencers have shared their keen interests in the MetaBunny NFT project.

  • Mar 21, 2022 16:00
MetaBunny NFT gaining traction in Thailand

Capturing all the hype from Thailand, a number of popular Thai influencers have shared their keen interests in the MetaBunny NFT project.



The NFT project created by has certainly gained handsome traction in the Thai NFT community lately, with different crypto-influencers spreading the awareness of MetaBunny and conducting project reviews on the MetaBunny Project. The Public Mint Date is set to be on 23rd March 2022, at a price of 0.5ETH.


Joined the Charitable Forever Humanity Project alongside famous US artists has joined forces with Zheirs Branding to empower MetaBunny NFT, introducing MetaBunny to more influential people.

Zheirs Branding and the MetaBunny team have gifted several celeb­rities & influencers for their supports in the charitable Forever Humanity Project where part of the proceeds will go to , , , ,

The artists who have been given a MetaBunny NFT include the famous Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Will Smith, Gucci mane, Soulja boy, Trillville, Dem franchise Boys, Ayo & teo, Brysont Tiller, Nicki Minaj, Jaso­n Derulo, Lil Yachty, Keniicole, Martin Lawrence, Kaelynn KK Harris, and more.

Hong Kong and Taiwan Local Artists Joining the Bunnyverse

A number of Hong Kong and Taiwan influencers have also gained interests on MetaBunny, joining the Bunnyverse and bringing a new wave of MetaBunny trends in Hong Kong. Influencers including Reggie Martin, Louis Cheung, Janie Lin, Jim Yan, Snow Suen, Jumbo, and Moon Lau have posted on their official social media about the MetaBunny NFT.


Exciting Sandbox Bunnyverse with GameFi and CARROT Token

In addition, MetaBunny NFTs will gain you access to the Bunnyverse, where bunnies hang out together. MetaBunnies love to fish, study, farm $CARROT, the in-game token in the MetaBunny GameFi project.

Through collecting NFT items and treasure hunts, you can upgrade your MetaBunny and equip them to be the most powerful bunny in the ever-evolving Bunnyverse. Each MetaBunny is unique, and by offering your NFT to the Bunnyverse, you help combat dangerous monsters and their invasion of the bunny forest. Stake your MetaBunny NFT, and earn daily $CARROT rewards.

MetaBunny is a game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players need an NFT in order to join the game where they will have the opportunity to earn CARROT tokens, hunt NFT items, and be rewarded bonus MetaBunny NFTs and more. However, the MetaBunny Game will be operated on a Layer 2 chain for higher scalability and better in-game experience.


Background of the MetaBunny Game

In the year 2370, the world has been in deep turmoil, there is a lack of resources, severe natural disasters, widespread pandemic and famine across the Globe. Even worse, a nuclear war broke out between different Nations causing an ever-lasting dystopian winter on earth. MetaBunny was evolved to endure such harsh conditions, and rise to be the Apex of the world….

Home of MetaBunny

There often are invaders in the Bunnyverse, these unwelcoming bad actors love to tear down homes and kill innocent bunnies. The Chief of the Bunnyverse lead the community to fight side by side, defeat the enemies, and protect the home of the MetaBunny….


The number of MetaBunny clans is climbing, they need more replenishments and resources. The MetaBunny Army discovers and develops lands across the forest, through defeating various monsters in order to gain food and territory.

Meta Fighting Arena

MetaBunny is a family of fighters, brave and skillful, ready to conquer the world. They gain honors by winning battles in the arena, and reaching the top of the Bunny Ranks. This is MetaBunny's ultimate dream. 

Technological Advancement

The MetaBunny Tribe has only spent a short 500 years to achieve a life-changing technological revolution, resulting in tremendous increase with productivity. The MetaBunny habitat has expanded from the deep sea to beyond heaven, completely reigning over Planet Earth.

Astral Settlers

MetaBunny becomes astute in areas of Nuclear Power Utilisation as well as Time and Space Traveling. The MetaBunny civilization has evolved and opened up the migration path of astral settlements.

Floor price increased because of all the above

With all the positive news and progress the MetaBunny NFT has made, the floor price of its collection has seen an upward increase as well. Rose from 0.4ETH to 0.93ETH, more than 100% increase. The MetaBunny NFT Public Sale will be on 23 March 2022, at a 0.5ETH mint price.



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