Miss Finland: Most Women Stay Away From Bitcoin Because of Its Risk

Alo Kingsley   Sep 09, 2019 02:00 - 2019-09-09T101810.154.jpg


One of cryptocurrency's strongest female supporters states that women tend to stay away from Bitcoin due to its high-risk level, hence its low popularity among women.


Miss Universe Finland 2015 winner, Rosa-Maria Ryyti, had argued that Bitcoin’s risk factor has made it more appealing to men, in a twitter discussion on September 5th. Her statement was in response to a query by an analyst Filb Filb, he had asked followers why the Bitcoin community was overwhelmingly male.


“Women are more risk-conscious in general and often go for a ‘slow & steady’ investment strategy,” Ryyti further added that:

“The current general perception of Bitcoin in the MSM makes it even less probable for the average woman (and man) to get involved.”

What statistics say about this gender imbalance


According to available data, about 90% of the Bitcoin community are male.

This issue has often sparked off debates and has led to dedicated structures put in place to increase the massive gender imbalance.


A previous report had stated that one out of every five cryptocurrency holders is a woman, this was revealed in a survey conducted by Bitpanda and GlobalWebIndex. The aim of this survey at the time was to gather and collate data so as to more accurately get the bigger picture of European crypto investors.


Ryyti herself had risen to limelight only recently, participating in the Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay earlier this year.



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