NEO Joins .NET Foundation as the First Blockchain Member

Alo Kingsley   Sep 24, 2019 08:00 - 2019-09-24T165301.042.jpg


The NEO blockchain protocol has now joined the Microsoft-created, globally leading open-source foundation, .NET as their first-ever blockchain project.


Considering the fact that they share an open-source heritage. NEO and .NET will create a platform enabling developers to build on the NEO blockchain protocol.


This recent development can be seen to come just after the release of NEO's Blockchain toolkit for .NET and NEO Express earlier this month.


Jon Galloway, the Executive Director of the .NET Foundation said:

“The .NET Foundation is very excited to welcome NEO as the very first blockchain platform to join our community.  NEO is a pioneer in adopting the .NET platform, and we support them in building an innovative decentralized platform and developer community. NEO is joining the .NET Foundation at an exciting time of growth for the .NET Foundation, as well, and we’re very happy to have them on-board!”

NEO also shared the preview of the NEO Blockchain Toolkit which was created for .NET and NEO Express and aims to jump-start smart contract development and speed up the creation of innovative dApps. Erik Zhang, the founder of NEO had also expressed his optimism towards this new collaboration, he said:

We are very glad to be the first blockchain project joining the .NET Foundation. Moving forward, we anticipate closely collaborating with the .NET Foundation to deliver the most developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure for .NET developers—as exemplified by our recently launched NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET.”


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