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New partnership to enable Bitcoin micropayments for content platforms

Crypto has enabled micro-monetization across businesses. Play-to-earn games and music streaming led this crypto integration. ZEBEDEE and Fountain, a value-for-value podcasting platform, partnered.

  • Jan 25, 2023 09:27
New partnership to enable Bitcoin micropayments for content platforms

Crypto has made inroads into a variety of markets throughout the course of its history, providing users with the unprecedented opportunity to micro-monetize their activities.

Play-to-earn gaming, along with earning from music streaming, was the antecedent for this sort of cryptocurrency integration. Streaming music also contributed to the development of this form of crypto integration. The value-for-value podcasting platform Fountain announced a new collaboration on January 24 with the financial services business ZEBEDEE to allow Bitcoin (BTC) micropayments for podcast listeners. ZEBEDEE helps monetize games and applications. The capacity to listen to a podcast and receive money for it has been described as a strong combination and the future of content production by Oscar Merry, the creator and chief executive officer of Fountain.

"In a few years, when we look back on paid subscriptions for content platforms that aren't tied to how much we really use those platforms, we'll look back and chuckle at how primitive and wasteful it was,"

In addition, as a result of the relationship with ZEBEDEE, customers may take advantage of the benefits without having any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies thanks to the incorporation of debit and credit card connections. According to Merry, such a development brings together a "fragmented podcasting market," which at the moment is comprised of a large number of applications and hosting companies that are not synced with one another.

He went on to emphasise the fact that the value of a platform is increased with each minute spent consuming or generating content as well as seeing advertisements. Why shouldn't you share in the financial rewards that come from the value that you generate on the platform?

The adoption of new technologies is starting to become nearly imperceptible as developers continue to place a priority on usefulness in newly developed protocols.

Recently, a programme called "party-to-earn" targeted the electronic music business with the goal of developing a currency that can be used by festival attendees, clubbers, and fans alike.

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