Power Ledger Partners with Power Club To Roll Out Blockchain Plants in South Australia

Alo Kingsley   Nov 11, 2019 09:40

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Great news has embraced Power Ledger, an energy trading software company, as it entered into a partnership with Powerclub, an Australian electricity wholesaler for better energy usage at an affordable cost and control over energy usage, as well as payment options.


In this regard, Stuart McPherson, founder, and CEO of Powerclub said that Powerclub partnered with Power Ledger because his company believed that Power Ledger technology could minimize price opacity in the energy market.


“If there’s one thing that Powerclub stands by, it’s transparency. We’ve partnered with Power Ledger as we see their technology as being critical in reducing price opacity in the energy market. We believe that by integrating Power Ledger’s platform into our commercial offering, our Members will be able to access even better price points for their energy.”


This partnership will allow Powerclub to integrate Power Ledger’s blockchain technology, and Virtual Power Plant energy trading application which will grant its members the opportunity to pool their excess solar and battery storage to a VPP while they access wholesale electricity prices and help them in paying back their investment, making it an advantageous situation to both parties.


Dr. Jemma Green, Chairman and Co-founder of Power Ledger showed her belief in this partnership, stating that energy companies will be decentralized and democratized in the future since the current system allows users for energy to be overcharged.


“The Australian Energy Market Commission has already flagged the need for grids of the future to become energy trading platforms. The future of the energy industry will be decentralised and democratised, like what we’ve seen happen to the taxi industry with rideshare apps like Uber and Ola. You no longer need to be a massive electricity company to commoditise energy.”


Dr. Green also commented that Power Ledger trading platform gives customers greater control and management over their energy usage.


“Power Ledger’s energy trading platform empowers all customers connected to the electricity grid, giving them greater control and management over their energy,” Green said.


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