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Safeheron Discovers Security Flaw in MPC Wallets

Safeheron has identified a security flaw in MPC wallets when used with Starknet-based apps like dYdX and Fireblocks. The flaw allows attackers to bypass the security protection of private keys in MPC wallets, potentially leading to unauthorized transactions.

  • Mar 10, 2023 09:02
Safeheron Discovers Security Flaw in MPC Wallets

MPC wallets are becoming more popular among financial institutions and developers of Web3 apps as a means of securing cryptocurrency assets. This trend may be attributed to the growing concern about the security of cryptocurrency holdings. These wallets are able to perform their intended functions as a result of the production of pieces of a private key that are owned by a number of different signers. In order for a transaction to take place, each fragment must have a certain amount of signatures in order for them to be considered genuine. In contrast to conventional multisig wallets, MPC wallets do not need the addition of any particular smart contracts to the blockchain in order to function properly. Moreover, MPC wallets are able to be blockchain-agnostic, which results in lower gas rates. This is a significant advantage.

Despite the fact that MPC wallets are generally considered to be more secure than single signature wallets, Safeheron discovered a security flaw in MPC wallets when they were used with Starknet-based applications. This flaw was discovered despite the fact that MPC wallets are compatible with Starknet. Some programs have the capability of obtaining a stark key signature and/or an api key signature, which enables them to sidestep the precautions that are imposed on the private keys that are held in MPC wallets. It's possible that this will lead to illegal operations, such as the placement of orders, the completion of layer 2 transfers, or the cancellation of orders.

The exposure of this security flaw highlights how critical it is for the bitcoin community to continually test and enhance its security procedures. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] Since more and more financial institutions and Web3 app developers rely on MPC wallets to keep their funds secure, it is very essential that any flaws be discovered and repaired in order to prevent any security breaches. This is due to the fact that such vulnerabilities might lead to breaches in security. The exposure of Safeheron ought to serve as a lesson for anybody who uses cryptocurrencies, encouraging them to be vigilant and to put a priority on security in the transactions that they conduct.

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